“Se baila así, se goza más, Se baila así, se goza más”

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oye de aquí para allá
Eee...de allá para acá
Es que se puede vacilar
Es que mi swing es tropical

Last night I felt like eating home made food. I have been eating out a lot lately due to all the traveling. I mean I love eating out, especially food that I am unable to prepare at home or consumes too much time, but last night I wanted something that my mom would make…simple and easy but super delicious. When I was growing up in Mysore, my mom would obviously prepare a lot of Konkani food that was influenced by Karnataka (Kannadiga) cuisine. Tomato rice was one such meal. Now I know a lot of you grew up on Tomato rice…but in Karnataka this was a staple. I remember during lunches my classmates would often bring tomato rice and dhai rice (mosaru anna) with pickle on the side. I was too lazy to go grocery shopping so I rummaged through my fridge last night to see what I could prepare with the groceries and left over I had at home. I had some left over cooked rice, 3 juicy tomatoes, ½ a red pepper, onions and green chilies. I found a recipe for Tomato rice from my mom and combined it with Meena’s recipe for mixed beans and tomato rice. Instead of making the rice with mixed beans, I decided to just use kidney beans (rajma) which is high in protein and iron. So here is the recipe for Tomato rice with beans:

2 cups cooked rice
1 can of kidney beans
1 medium onion sliced thinly
1 large tomato chopped
½ red bell pepper chopped
3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
¼ tsp turmeric powder
½ tsp red chili powder
½ tsp mustard seeds
¼ tsp garam masala
1 sprig of curry leaves
2 tbsp cooking oil
Salt, to taste
2 green chilies, finely chopped

To Make:
Heat oil in a deep pan and add curry leaves and mustard seeds. Once they start to splutter, add garlic and sliced onions. When lightly browned add green chilies and tomatoes and cook till tomatoes soften. Add turmeric, garam masala, chili powder and mixed beans, red bell pepper and mix well. Cook for 5 mins with the lid on. Mix in cooked rice and make sure the beans and spices blend in well with the rice and cook for about 3 mins on medium heat. Add salt per taste and mix well. Serve hot with lemon pickle.

This meal took me back to my younger days in Mysore. I love the fact that this is a one pot meal that’s healthy and tasty. Until the next yummy recipe, happy eating and blogging :o)

PS (Every time I see the new Ipod commercial with this song (blog radio) I wanna get up and dance!)

“You'll always be a part of me and I'm a part of you indefinitely”

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Boy don't you know you can't escape me
Darlin cause you'll always be my baby
And we'll linger on
Time cant erase a feeling this strong
No way you're never gonna shake me
Darlin cause you'll always be my baby

Sigh. Cali was soooo much fun and Ms. Masalas wedding was absolutely breathtaking! This was my first ever outdoor Indian wedding and the diamond bar hills provided the perfect backdrop to the beautiful occasion. Ms.Pai and my dance turned out well and most importantly the bride was happy :o) Bhatji had an extremely rough time attending 8 hours of class and then flying 6 hours to LA and then driving an her hour to get to our hotel by 2 AM but I was happy that he was able to make it. He got to meet more of my konk friends and family. In the end a good time was had by all.

Start rant-> I am alone again. I miss Bhatji very much and I realize how I hate being alone for long periods of time. The only positive is that he will be home every weekend :o) I also think its hitting me that I do not get to spend time with a set group of friends. It feels like work…. calling people and setting something up. It’s weird for me to feel this way. I have always been a very social person…I love to talk and meet new people but lately (especially since I got hitched) it feels like it consumes too much of my energy. I try to be friendly and go out of my way to do nice things or to set up get-togethers but I feel like people don’t reciprocate or take advantage of my time and niceness. For once I want to meet people that are not out to make friends in quantity but in quality. My friends and Bhatji’s friends are not only fun to be around but put in efforts to come down and see us and plan things just like we would include them in ours; Too bad that none of them live locally. I would love to have some local friends who I can call to go catch a movie with or to go shopping with. Maybe I have been watching too much “Friends” to think a group like that actually exist post college life. I know I can meet people, that’s not my problem…I would like to know how to find the ones that share similar interests with me. I have been giving way too much time to the non receptive folks so maybe I just need to get out there and make efforts with newer people and see where it takes me. Currently I feel like I am in high school all over again. Which lunch table do I belong to? <-End rant.

On a non rant topic….I know I haven’t cooked in ages, it’s all this traveling I have been doing lately. Also since I am alone at home now I do not have the same motivation I did when I have to go home to feed Bhatji. However, I should really make simple meals for just myself. The weather is amazing and I plan to eat out on my balcony more often so I will be back with more recipes to share. Speaking of which, I am having my lil Sumi stay over for an authentic Mallu meal and some QT :o)

“California! Here we come!”

Thursday, May 24, 2007

On the stereo
Listen as we go
Nothing's gonna stop me now
California here we come
Right back where we started from
Pedal to the floor
Thinkin' of the roar
Gotta get us to the shore
California here we come
Right back where we started from

I LOVE LONG WEEKENDS! And this long weekend is a special one for one my dearest friend has decided to tie the knot with one of the sweetest guys ever. Congratulations Ms. Mala and Dr. Ashwin. I am soo excited for you guys!
The wedding is on Sunday in LA so I am leaving today and Bhatji will be joining me on Saturday. Ms Pai and I have been practicing our dance for the Ladies Sangeet and I’m a lil nervous but I know Mala’s gonna love it! I am excited to hang out with most of my konk crew. The last time I was in California was in 2004 for the Konkani convention. And since most events were in the hotel I didn’t take pleasure in LA’s weather, greenery etc. Since I will be there for 5 days, I have full intention of doing just that. There will be lots of pics, lots of bonding with konks and lots and lots of running around for Mala’s wedding. I probably will not be blogging till I get back next week so until then…I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend!

PPS (My carry on bag is huge but I am not checking it in...this promises to be interesting:o)

Adding on:

I almost forgot with the chaos of packing and coordinating with rides and such that today is one of best friends bday! I know its awful...but hey I remembered and thats what counts.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA! I know you are partying your butt off down in Nashville but save some of that energy so that you can party hard with me and soon :o)

“Somewhere over the rainbow, Way up high”

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Someday I'll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney tops that’s where you'll find me oh

Well I see trees of green and
Red roses too
I'll watch them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself
what a wonderful world

Happy Anniversary Bhatji! Can you believe it has been a whole year since the day we exchanged our wedding vows? Time has just flown and in a wonderful way. I hope we have many happy years together as long as we live.
Thanks to all those who wished us yesterday. I was sad because we weren’t together on our first anniversary since he started his internship in NYC. But the sweet heart that he is, he surprised me with a beautiful anniversary plan by sweeping me off to NYC for a day on Sunday. He told me on Saturday that he had a surprise and then sprung the whole plan on me. He had purchased an airline ticket along with his to NYC on Sunday afternoon and that he had reservations at Tavern on the green that night. Naturally I was giddy with excitement. I have always wanted to go to Tavern on the green, I’ve seen it in movies, and the pictures on the website look like fantasy and so romantic. I was blown that he had actually been planning this for a month and he was able to keep it a secret and he used the help of my sister in NYC! So I packed the perfect outfit and shoes, makeup, accessories and a set of PJ because I was only gonna be up there for one night. He had bought a one way ticket back to DC on the train for me for Monday morning. The flight was short and I slept though all of it and then we get to baggage claim at LGA. He had packed 3 bags of stuff since he will be in NYC during the weekdays for the next 10 weeks. Well as crappy luck would have it….US airways decided that they would send my bag on a later flight! So there I was in airport with the clothes that I had on and that’s it! I was furious that they had lost my bag and at how apathetic the baggage claim personnel were. Apparently since US airways has a plane every hour coming to NYC they don’t put the luggage on the plane according to the people on board. They just have a room full of suitcases that are going to NYC and they throw them into the plane randomly. Then if your luggage doesn’t make it on your flight they have a baggage delivery service that goes around delivering your stuff as it arrives. The lady tells me that it could potentially be on the next flight so Bhatji and I wait for the first plane….nothing… we waited for the one after that and…nothing. I was tired and upset so we just told the baggage claim lady to deliver it to my sister’s address as soon as the bag comes in. We get to my sisters place tired and hungry. I get on the phone and kept calling the baggage claim center ever 30 mins to check the status and the response was “nope no sign of your bag yet”. Thanks! So around 9.00 Bhatji and I give up hope and assume that the bag is lost and decide to cancel our dinner plans since neither of us were in the mood for a romantic evening after the bag fiasco. But Mzswats talked us into it and said that maybe the dinner will cheer us up and not to let this bag thing dictate our plans. I borrowed a nice outfit and make up from her (thank god she wears the same size and uses the same make up) and headed out to the restaurant. I am so glad we did! The staff was super nice and they gave us the seat we wanted in the Crystal room. It was beautiful. The wine was perfect, so were our dishes and we got a free dessert! We both started feeling so much better and we took tons of pictures.
On Monday morning I left bright early at 6.30 to the train station. I got to work in DC and immediately call US airways to see if there is any word on the bag and the guy said that it came to NYC on the 1 am flight and it was being delivered that day around noon. WHO THE HELL IS HOME AT NOON ON A MONDAY?! My sister works, my hubby is working and I am in freakin DC! So the guy tells me that there will be another delivery made around 7.00 that evening. Around 6 I call Bhatji and tell him to curb his hunger and stay home so he doesn’t miss the freakin delivery guy who arrived at 8.30! We got our bag back and everything in it. The bag situation has left me jilted and I am writing an angry letters to US airways. And to all of you: refrain from flying on US airways for short trips and if you do, do not check in your luggage.
All said and done I started focusing on the fact that Bhatji planned something so exquisite. Planning isn’t really his forte so I know he put a lotta thought and effort into it. And I consider myself to be the luckiest girl ever :o)
“If I know what love is, it is because of you”
Herman Hesse

Cheesecake at Tavern on the green

Look! Pretty lighting!

“Snap ya fingers, do the step…you can do it all by yourself”

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lets Get Gone
Walk It Out
Just Like That
Thats What Im Talkin Bout

I have been tagged by Arches to work on an interesting meme. I started on it 2 days ago and it has taken me sometime to come up with these interesting facts about me. So today I am sharing…
7 things that you did not know about me:
1) I share something similar with Arches, in that my best friend other than best friends from school is my sister. True that she is 4 years younger than me and it is also true that we are very different in our personalities (if you met us both you would know what I mean) Unlike Arches and her sis we never used to be close or have twin moments…actually I don’t remember us really hanging out when we were younger in India or agreeing on anything. We became much closer during my college years. After my first heart break and going through a rough time of making friends, I realized that I could lean on her, make all kinds of mistakes, say anything, do anything and feel like I wasn’t being judged. And honestly that is the best feeling…when you can be your absolute self with someone and its even better when that person is your sibling :o)
2) Other than my first bf and last bf who is now my hubby ;o) all the guys who I dated through college were all younger than me. That’s right ladies! I am an anomaly because all the women I know dated older or men their own age. I liked guys who were a year or 2-3 years younger than me. Maybe it was coz I felt like they would be treat me better since I was a bit older or the fact that I just liked dating for the fun of dating and not coz I was looking for a full blown relationship. Who knows? I am happy that Bhatji is only 10 months older than me and mentally we are both 5!
3) I don’t like mixing my groups of friends. This definitely started after my first break up. People had to end up choosing sides and I lost a lot of “friends”. Of course now that I am grown woman I know that they weren’t really my friends or else they wouldn’t have chosen him over me. But this experience left me a lil scarred and since then I have never been able to mix my group of friends. I have my dance crew, my Desi crew, my boys, my girls, my coworkers, my family, my hubbys friends, my Konk friends etc. I hang out with all of them but separately. I have thrown bday parties, house parties or just dinner events where I have invited people but I find it really hard to balance. I also think it’s a bit of insecurity <=SHARING A FLAW. I used to worry what if one group hits it off with the other and I get left out in the process….I know this is childish...but I am ok with it. I have gotten better in recent times especially because my group of friends have become much smaller (most of them moved away) and I know that I am coming home to the one person that will always be MY friend ;o) I don’t feel like I am left out anymore.
4) I share a similar quirk as Ms. Pai I too have a narrator in my head. Its more like a conscience. I usually hear it after I did something good or bad. Like if I said something stupid the voice goes “AHHH WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?!” or if I help someone out I hear “isn’t this a great feeling?” Or if someone catches me off guard and I have to be quick witted I hear “maybe if you close your eyes, he/she wont know you’re here” or “quick say something say something”. The best is if someone makes me angry I hear a whole lotta konk cursing (Pisshi/Pisso, Bod sukla, Pisanta etc.) and then I end up laughing because the narrator actually sounds like my mom :o)
5) I have a super, super active imagination but unlike chai, my imagination plays out in a choreographed dance. I know this may seem weird but its so true! The first time I ever fell in love, I had me and the guy running around trees and gardens to some old school Hindi song hehe. I loved books because I was able to imagine myself as the characters. Everything from Nancy Drew to the Kite runner. When I was little mom caught me talking to myself, but not just jabber, actually acting out a scene from either a movie or a book that I loved. I would play the characters and change the stories however I would see fit. Many people have caught me with a glazed look while listening to certain songs that’s because I am dancing to them…in my head :o) Imagination is the reason I was able to tie my two passions together choreographing dances and stories/reading.
6) I get along with men better than I do with women. In every phase of my life I have always managed to have guy best friends. One of my best friend’s since my early college years, Neil, was also the “man of honor” at my wedding. Even when I was little, my mom told me that I was a Tom boy who didn’t play with dolls or play house with the girls, instead I would hang out with the boys playing cricket or coco (Indian game involving a lot of running) or dodge ball. I have 5 best female friends, but with most other women I feel like I have to make a lot of effort, watch what I say, it almost feels like I am not myself. Its not that I don’t want to get along with women…but I feel like friendship is similar to love. You cant force yourself into a friendship…it should just happen. So where have all the simple, non catty and fun loving women gone? Ahh well pass that beer and lets watch the bball playoffs!
7) I love sad songs. I mean I love dancing to hip hop or rocking to my rock songs collection but there is something very endearing about sad songs. Slow, sad love songs end up giving goose bumps. I love the lyrics, the pain in the singer’s voice and I absolutely love that I can hear all the musical instruments not being drowned out by heavy beats or screaming background singers. I especially love if the singer is singing the song with a single instrument like the Spanish guitar or piano. By far one of my favorite sad song to date is: Audrey Hepburn’s Moon River. There are plenty more but that song just gets me.

Whew!I had to do quiet a bit of thinking. Hope yall still love me despite my obvious craziness! And I leave you with a quote from Sex and the city:
Carrie Bradshaw: “Somewhere out there is another little freak who will love us and understand us and kiss our three heads and make it all better”

If you have not done this meme...DO IT!

“You know there's always more than one way to say exactly what you mean to say”

Monday, May 14, 2007

Was I out of my head? Was I out of my mind?
How could I have ever been so blind?
I was waiting for an indication
It was hard to find

2 trips in one long weekend….not bad if I do say so myself. I will say this though, it was mighty hard to come back to work today and on top of that I feel the day is going by way too slow :o( My trip to NYC for my sis’s graduation was short but fun! It was awesome to see all those short animated movies that her and her classmates put forth. Some stories were a lil tooo….mm…artsy, some were just awful and a few amazing ones looked like they already worked with Pixar and Dream Works. Her graduation was at the Radio City Music Hall and the venue was absolutely stunning. I felt so proud to see her walk and get her diploma. We celebrated at a quaint Italian restaurant called Maria Pias with some wonderful wine and lots of good food…BELLISIMO!
On Saturday Bhatji and I decided to celebrate our one year anniversary a lil early…since on our actual anniversary (May 21st) He will be in NYC at his first day of his internship. We decided a short trip to VA beach. Neither of us had ever been and since it is only 3 hours away from DC…it was the perfect short trip. We stayed at a hotel by the beach and ate at the best local seafood restaurant, Catch 31. The weather was perfect, so we hung out at the beach for a few hours, walked along the boardwalk and had a romantic evening just the 2 of us :o) We got back on Sunday in time for Mothers day celebrations and the entire family had dinner at Caribbean breeze where we toasted to my mom with amazing sugarcane mojitos and lots of good food.
Arches tagged me with a meme and I will be posting that tomorrow since today is my catch up day at work. That’s all for today!

The Amazing venue: Radio City music hall!

The happy parents and their lil graduate :o)

Me and my sis

“I'm digging you, I'm feeling you and you know what's up”

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Said I'm big on you
And I'm wanting you
So tell me what's up

I will be in NYC for my sister’s graduation towards the end of this week. I am excited, not only because she is finally done with school but also coz they will be showing her final project, a short animated cartoon film at the Radio City Music Hall! I feel like a proud mama. Yep you can expect me to be that loud annoying family member who goes camera happy and cheering like I am in some wild Las Vegas bar! Graduations are so exciting, because you are truly done with a big chapter of your life or maybe you can start pretending to be a grown up. In my family, as any typical Indian family, anything related to education is considered a big deal. And as we are hardcore Konkani family, we will be celebrating with food and drinks. Congratulations MzSwats. You are a “growed up”! Well….sort off ;o)
This past Saturday, while Bhatji was off taking his last final for this semester, I decided to make him a scrumptious brunch. I knew he was going to be in dire need of sleep, since he didn’t get much of that during his finals week. But I knew that most of all he was going to be hungry! Usually he isn’t around on Saturdays since he has class all day and so When I am all by myself at home, I am content with some toast and coffee. But because Bhatji was going to be home by noon I knew I needed to make something really yummy and satisfying so I decided to make a Frittata, which is a baked veggie omelet. I know I have mentioned before that Bhatji loves eggs…so I knew this was a sure fire way to please him. And indeed it did! I referred to Ashwini’s recipe with just some minor changes and also used my mom’s Indian omelet recipe to make the perfect Veggie Frittata:

5 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1 medium onion roughly chopped
1/2 red bell pepper cut in cubes
1/2 green bell pepper in cubes
1 tsp dried basil
1-2 tsp Italian seasoning
2 green chilies cut into small pieces
3 tbsp shredded cheese
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp of Olive oil

To Make:
Pre heat oven to 400°F. Whisk eggs in a mixing bowl with salt and pepper. Add milk and cheese and whisk again and let it sit. Heat the oil in a pan and cook the onions till they brown. Add the red peppers and sauté for about 3 mins. Add salt, pepper, dried basil, Italian seasoning and green chilies, cook for about 2 mins. Spoon the cooked veggies into a baking pan and pour the egg mixture on top. Bake at 400°F for 20 minutes. You can slide you knife to make sure the eggs are not runny which will indicate that the Frittata is done. Take out of the oven and serve hot!
Since Bhatji is neither a coffee nor a tea drinker, I served his slice of Frittata with a cold glass of light Cranberry juice. I, of course could not do without my coffee. We followed the big meal with some grapes for dessert. It was the perfect brunch! It’s such wonderful Saturday afternoons that I love!

Not sure when I can blog again….probably not until next week. But don’t fret my blogtastic friends; I will be back with more yummy recipes to share, until then…Happy eating and blogging!

“And it's all because of you. Never get enough coz she's the sweetest drug”

Friday, May 4, 2007

And I know this much is true
Baby, you have become my addiction
I'm so strung out on you
I can barely move...but I like it

School is out! Yay! If you come around our house, Bhatji and I are rejoicing that his finals are done and we get to spend some time as a normal couple…minus the books and worrying about exams etc. The next 2 weeks should be fun and I wanna do 10 different things that we haven’t been able to do in the past couple of months. We haven’t been able to watch any of the Netflix movies we have been getting either…we have been saving them on Bhatji's computer, So last night we watched “The Departed”. It was a decent movie because the suspense was well built and all the actors did a great job but the ending was….disappointing. The last few scenes reminded of a Hindi movie: An ending that dragged and a plot that started to weaken. I guess my expectations were pretty high so I didn’t really see the hype. Definitely happy that we waited for the DVD.
Being Konkani means that we will use everything and anything and turn it into a meal; not just any meal but a delicious meal. We are capable of using leftovers and turning it into a feast. When I was younger my mom would make tons of idlis and after we were tired of the idli samabhar/chutney combo she would turn the idlis into usli (which is a sort of upma). Idli usli is a great snack or breakfast and is perfect of lunches. Here is the recipe as per my mom.
5-6 leftover idlis broken into pieces
1 green bell pepper cored and cut into small pieces
2 table spoons of olive oil
1 tsp of mustard seeds
1 tsp of jeera or cumin seeds
1 tsp of urad dhal
3 dry red chilies broken into halves
Few curry leaves (karabev)
A pinch of hing
Salt to taste
¼ cup of water

To Make:
Heat the oil and fry the mustard seeds, jeera, urad dhal, red chilies, curry leaves. When the spices start to splutter add the hing and green bell pepper. Sauté for a few and add the broken pieces of idli, add a few table spoons of water so the idli doesn’t burn and cook for about 3-4 mins. Take off heat and serve.

It was sooooo tasty! Until the next blog and recipe…Happy eating!

“Dear, love is a burning fire. Stay, cause then the flames grow higher”

You're no good, can't you see Brother Louie, Louie, Louie
I'm in love - set you free
Oh, she's only looking to me
Only love breaks her heart Brother Louie, Louie, Louie
Only love's paradise
Oh - she's only looking to me

If you were born in the early 80’s or even before (Late 70’s), were raised in India or anywhere in Europe and were into Euro pop you will definitely know the song on my blog. I was randomly going through some old tapes (yea that’s right magnetic old school tapes) at my parent’s house and found this tape from the 80’s that my sister and I used to listen too. Sigh! Memories.....
YAY Its Friday! And Bhatji will be done with his finals tomorrow evening. Yes folks, I will finally see what my husband looks like without a book attached to his face. And trust you me, I will be planning dinners and couples time out of the house. I just gotta be patient tonight. I know the NBA playoffs are in session and I have been following the western conference (since the Wizards lost all hope when Arenas and Butler were hurt) but tomorrow I hope that Bhatji and I don’t get bogged down at home in front of the TV. The weather is going to be absolutely amazing and I wanna do something outdoorsy :o)
Last week my mom gave me homemade idlis (Indian steamed rice cakes). Now I don’t know how to make idlis from scratch just yet, because the idli batter requires lots of patience and time…neither of which I have; Especially when I have a husband who walks in and starts rummaging through the fridge and doesn’t want to wait for any batter to set. So I use the idli mixes by MTR or Priya. I also have this nifty plastic idli maker. It has round moulds and it can be used in the microwave. That’s right! You can make idlis in a microwave. Now I know most of you (especially southies) are probably thinking “How authentic or good can these idlis taste?” Honestly they taste the same. It’s amazing how technology can help us novice cooks to make quick meals. I do want to learn the authentic way of making idlis and dosas, but for now I am content with short cuts :o) Anyway, since my mom gave me those yummy idlis, I decided to make a simple chutney that both Bhatji and I love. This is my mom’s recipe…not sure if it is Konkani or an Andhra recipe but it tastes great with idlis and even dosas. So I wanted to share the simple recipe for Chanapeeta chutney (Besan/Chickpea flour chutney)
One small onion chopped
3 green chilies
½ tsp of mustard seeds
2 tsp of Urad Dhaal
¼ tsp of methi seeds
1tsp of tamarind paste
1 tsp of haldi
2 tbl spns of Sambhar powder
2 tbl spns of besan/chickpea flour
2tbl spns of oil
A pinch of hing
3 cups of water divided
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves for garnish

To Make:
Heat oil and add the mustard seeds, when they start to splutter add urad dhaal, methi seeds and the hing. When they start to splutter and they is a strong aroma add the onions, green chilies and fry for about 4-5 mins. Add one cup of water and cook for about a min. Add the tamarind paste, haldi, salt, sambhar powder and one more cup of water. While this is cooking, take another bowl and add one cup of water to the 2 tbsl spns of besan. Use a whisk and mix together and make sure there are no lumps. Add this mixture to the heated pan with all the other ingredients and bring to a boil. Take the pan off the heat and add coriander for garnish.

This was such an easy chutney/sambhar type of dish. It took me all of 10 mins to make and it was gone in about 10 mins too! Bhatji and I must have ravenous. Or the chuntney looked so good that we couldn’t contain ourselves. Either way it was excellent and I have more idli secrets to share…but in my next blog. Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. Happy Friday!

P.S (Thank you wonderful people for the “your not fat” compliments. I promise I am done with the fat madness…well at least for today :o)

“I still don't have the reason and you don't have the time”

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

And it really makes me wonder
If I ever gave a f*** about you
Give me something to believe in
'Cause I don't believe in you anymore, anymore
I wonder if it even makes a difference to try
So this is goodbye

Busy, busy me…and I'm loving it! There is nothing more stimulating then a job that keeps you busy where you leave work at 5.00 PM and not worry about the project once you clock out. It is even better when your boss is an awesome personality who emails you on a slow Friday with “you can go home if you have nothing to do and if you wanna thank me for being so generous, I love cake!”
Speaking of cake…I can’t help but notice the weight that I have gained since all these cooking experiments are in full swing. Bhatji seems to think its very becoming…since he always thought I was too skinny but I think he is just being a sweet liar ;o) I try hard to work out at least 3 times a week and if I am not too tired then I manage 4-5 times. But there have one or two weeks where I either have no energy or motivation to do anything more than just sit on my balcony on my papasan with a good book. I blame this gorgeous spring weather; Insert fake outburst => Damn you Spring! You are the reason I am fat! <= End fake outburst.
Speaking of cake (again) since today is Ms. Pai’s bday, I wanted wish her a very happy bday. Girl, I will contact you soon for a bday dinner plan. Hope you have a wonderful birthday full of laughter and joy!
As I mentioned in my last 2 entries, I hung out with my breaker crew this past Thursday night at Modern. I tell you I couldn’t keep up with the dancing! Either I am too old or I am just out of touch with the clubbing scene…or maybe I am too fat :o( alright I am going to stop this fat nonsense before I start wallowing in more self pity. Tonight I am excited to hang out with Tina (here on work from NYC) and Sumi pocket for dinner. I haven’t seen these 2 ladies in a while and I am super excited. That’s all for now folks, see ya at the next blogging session. I am sharing some pics from the fun night at Modern.
P.S (Please feel free to leave me comments telling me that I am not fat…no matter how much of lie it is ;o)
P.P.S (I heart the new Maroon 5 song!)
Mini UMBC reunion

Me and my favorite breaker Vince before he gets married this weekend!

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