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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lets Get Gone
Walk It Out
Just Like That
Thats What Im Talkin Bout

I have been tagged by Arches to work on an interesting meme. I started on it 2 days ago and it has taken me sometime to come up with these interesting facts about me. So today I am sharing…
7 things that you did not know about me:
1) I share something similar with Arches, in that my best friend other than best friends from school is my sister. True that she is 4 years younger than me and it is also true that we are very different in our personalities (if you met us both you would know what I mean) Unlike Arches and her sis we never used to be close or have twin moments…actually I don’t remember us really hanging out when we were younger in India or agreeing on anything. We became much closer during my college years. After my first heart break and going through a rough time of making friends, I realized that I could lean on her, make all kinds of mistakes, say anything, do anything and feel like I wasn’t being judged. And honestly that is the best feeling…when you can be your absolute self with someone and its even better when that person is your sibling :o)
2) Other than my first bf and last bf who is now my hubby ;o) all the guys who I dated through college were all younger than me. That’s right ladies! I am an anomaly because all the women I know dated older or men their own age. I liked guys who were a year or 2-3 years younger than me. Maybe it was coz I felt like they would be treat me better since I was a bit older or the fact that I just liked dating for the fun of dating and not coz I was looking for a full blown relationship. Who knows? I am happy that Bhatji is only 10 months older than me and mentally we are both 5!
3) I don’t like mixing my groups of friends. This definitely started after my first break up. People had to end up choosing sides and I lost a lot of “friends”. Of course now that I am grown woman I know that they weren’t really my friends or else they wouldn’t have chosen him over me. But this experience left me a lil scarred and since then I have never been able to mix my group of friends. I have my dance crew, my Desi crew, my boys, my girls, my coworkers, my family, my hubbys friends, my Konk friends etc. I hang out with all of them but separately. I have thrown bday parties, house parties or just dinner events where I have invited people but I find it really hard to balance. I also think it’s a bit of insecurity <=SHARING A FLAW. I used to worry what if one group hits it off with the other and I get left out in the process….I know this is childish...but I am ok with it. I have gotten better in recent times especially because my group of friends have become much smaller (most of them moved away) and I know that I am coming home to the one person that will always be MY friend ;o) I don’t feel like I am left out anymore.
4) I share a similar quirk as Ms. Pai I too have a narrator in my head. Its more like a conscience. I usually hear it after I did something good or bad. Like if I said something stupid the voice goes “AHHH WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?!” or if I help someone out I hear “isn’t this a great feeling?” Or if someone catches me off guard and I have to be quick witted I hear “maybe if you close your eyes, he/she wont know you’re here” or “quick say something say something”. The best is if someone makes me angry I hear a whole lotta konk cursing (Pisshi/Pisso, Bod sukla, Pisanta etc.) and then I end up laughing because the narrator actually sounds like my mom :o)
5) I have a super, super active imagination but unlike chai, my imagination plays out in a choreographed dance. I know this may seem weird but its so true! The first time I ever fell in love, I had me and the guy running around trees and gardens to some old school Hindi song hehe. I loved books because I was able to imagine myself as the characters. Everything from Nancy Drew to the Kite runner. When I was little mom caught me talking to myself, but not just jabber, actually acting out a scene from either a movie or a book that I loved. I would play the characters and change the stories however I would see fit. Many people have caught me with a glazed look while listening to certain songs that’s because I am dancing to them…in my head :o) Imagination is the reason I was able to tie my two passions together choreographing dances and stories/reading.
6) I get along with men better than I do with women. In every phase of my life I have always managed to have guy best friends. One of my best friend’s since my early college years, Neil, was also the “man of honor” at my wedding. Even when I was little, my mom told me that I was a Tom boy who didn’t play with dolls or play house with the girls, instead I would hang out with the boys playing cricket or coco (Indian game involving a lot of running) or dodge ball. I have 5 best female friends, but with most other women I feel like I have to make a lot of effort, watch what I say, it almost feels like I am not myself. Its not that I don’t want to get along with women…but I feel like friendship is similar to love. You cant force yourself into a friendship…it should just happen. So where have all the simple, non catty and fun loving women gone? Ahh well pass that beer and lets watch the bball playoffs!
7) I love sad songs. I mean I love dancing to hip hop or rocking to my rock songs collection but there is something very endearing about sad songs. Slow, sad love songs end up giving goose bumps. I love the lyrics, the pain in the singer’s voice and I absolutely love that I can hear all the musical instruments not being drowned out by heavy beats or screaming background singers. I especially love if the singer is singing the song with a single instrument like the Spanish guitar or piano. By far one of my favorite sad song to date is: Audrey Hepburn’s Moon River. There are plenty more but that song just gets me.

Whew!I had to do quiet a bit of thinking. Hope yall still love me despite my obvious craziness! And I leave you with a quote from Sex and the city:
Carrie Bradshaw: “Somewhere out there is another little freak who will love us and understand us and kiss our three heads and make it all better”

If you have not done this meme...DO IT!


Esha said...

1). I have a sister who is 5 years younger than me and while I have exited the teenage bratty age, she is entering it, so we butt heads like no other. But being away in college definitely draws you closer. Weird right?

3). I SO agree with you on this one. I used to mix my friend circles until I broke up with my first bf (love) and then I lost all these people that I thought were my friends. I also have that weird insecurity that if I introduce two of my friends, they may like each other more and stop talking to me. That's maybe because it's happened before in middle school.

4). Haha I definitely call people pishi and pisso in my head while they are having a conversation with me. And the worst part is, I don't feel guilty about mental name calling at all!

5). Kind of like yours but not really. When I was a kid I thought the honeymoon phase after a marriage was when the husband and wife went and shot their "love song" like they do in the movies running around trees and what not. The things I came up with sometimes make me laugh to this day.

6). I completely share an affinity in thought with you on this one. I have very few female friends, and the ones I have also have majority male friends. You can't help it that you would rather grab a beer and talk crazy than sit and complain about men.

I love how through this meme I've found that more people share my quirks than I thought. Helps you know that you're not the only crazy person in this world. :)

archana said...

anuuu! thanks for completing the meme, i loved your answers! it is obvious that you put a lot of time into it... which is sort of the point :)

i feel you on the mixing of worlds AND on the few female friends bit. i always had a few very very close female friends, but beyond the handful of them and my sis, we both always gravitated to boys... especially when we were younger. for me it's not because i equate female companionship with only bitching about men. we always attributed it to our early childhood, since in both kenya/zimbabwe and in england, our family friends that we grew up with were ALL boys. was that true for you as well? were you "socialized" around males more than females? i'm curious to see if it's true for ppl other than the Bhatt sisters :)

i find on both accounts (the mixing of worlds and the female friends), the most recent years have changed them more drastically. i still hesitate to mix my worlds, and i still have far more close male friends than female... but i suppose it makes you appreciate it more when you find worlds that CAN mix and females that CAN be your nearest and dearest!

throw me bhatji's email! i'll be sure to kick it with him this summer. and with YOU TOOOO! can't wait.

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