“Keep embracing each day, keep on yearning; you just try….just try”

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Keep on making mistakes just to keep on learning
Keep on giving, you keep on wanting
Keep on fighting, just get up every morning
you just try...try....just try

Maybe your world shakes
you try to hold on
maybe your heart breaks
just keep on loving
maybe you'll find out
it's meant to be this way
maybe you'll learn this
or maybe we'll learn this

Nothing like a soothing jazz song on a hot August day to give you some inspiration :o) How I missed writing…but NYC has kept me busy. Mainly because another change is coming our way; hehe seems like every other blog entry of mine is some big announcement. Ahhh but such is life…. if it wasn’t for these changes…..life would be dull. So here goes: Bhatji got a promotion within his company and the new job is going to be in Charlotte, NC. That’s right folks… Bhatji and I are moving to Charlotte, NC in a few weeks. I’ve never been to Charlotte so I don’t know what to expect but most people who have been there seem to love it. Bhatji’s super excited since he gets to move back down to the south and the work opportunity seems really great. I think we are moving to Charlotte at the perfect time in our lives. I am looking forward to bigger houses, surrounded by lots of mountains and beaches and awesome weather since winters are less harsh. As they say “change is always a constant” so I am embracing this change with a positive outlook on life :o)
Needless to say because of the upcoming move Bhatji and I are taking full advantage of our last few weeks in NYC. We have been trying different cuisines like German fare at this awesome restaurant called HalloBerlin; lots of different kinds of beer, wursts and sauerkraut galore at a cheap price. We also tried a Venezuelan restaurant called Caracas Arepas bar; Arepas are similar to tacos with different kinds of fillings and soooo yummy again at a reasonable price! I also stood in line at the discount Broadway ticket line at times square and scored cheap front row tickets to see the popular Broadway show Avenue Q. It was hilarious and I will suggest that if you are ever in the city and have time you should totally watch this show; it’s the Muppet show for adult’s hehe. I feel like there’s so much more to do before we leave but that’s NYC. You can never fully do everything and see everything that the city has to offer but you can certainly have fun trying :o) I never considered myself a true NYC girl but spending my days in the city sitting in a park…people watching, reading a book, eating pie and drinking ice tea has been pure bliss. And even though I would never actually live in the city….I must say that I will sure miss this city and its vibrant energy. I’ll be back with some recipes in my next entry so until then….enjoy the sun kissed days out :o)
Ahhh to be on the beach in Bahamas again :o)

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