“Dekha hai pehli baar, sajan ke aankhon main pyaar; Aab jaake aaya mere, baichen dil ko karar”

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dil bhar tujhe milne ko
Kab se tha main bekarar
Aj jaake aaya mere
Baichen dil ko karar

Ahh the good old days! The Hindi movies were actually memorable and so was the music. These days even after watching a Hindi movie, it would be a miracle if I remember the actors and the songs! I have actually re rented a movie thinking that I hadn’t seen it, and then after the first few minutes, I’m thinking to myself “Hey, I just watched this 2 weekends ago at my parents place” I can only hope that the story lines for Hindi movies start getting better. Speaking of good Hindi movies...I was very happy to see that “Water” by Deepa Mehta was nominated for the Oscars! But it was not represented as an Indian movie! Instead it is being represented as a Canadian movie. Apparently, when the movie was being filmed in an Indian village called Varansi, the locales with the support of their government started riots! People vandalized the movie set and director was sent threatening letters. Finally Deepa Mehta who lives in Canada had to close shop in India and shoot the film in parts of Canada and Sri Lanka. Due to the narrow minded thinking of the Indian population, shunning away a simple but brilliant and profound movie like Water, Mehta decided to enter it as a Canadian movie. And I am all for it! If you have not seen this movie...please make sure you do so! It’s a very heartbreaking story that tells us of how widows in India live their lives…even to this day! I really hope Ms. Mehta wins an Oscar.

PS (John Abraham looks absolutely yummy in this movie! Tee hee. Hey I can still look, cant I?)

"I look to you and I see nothing, I look to you to see the truth"

Friday, January 19, 2007

You live your life
You go in shadows
you'll come apart and you'll go black
Some kind of night into your darkness
Colors your eyes with what's not there

Dear Blog,

I was really happy today. And then one small comment that someone made just shot that feeling to hell. I am almost ashamed to say it..but I'm feeling really blue all because of some assholenbig shot who probably is sexually frustrated...
Thank you dear blog for letting me bitch and moan....and not judging me.


P.S (Tomorrow can only get better...right?)

"She was living la vida loca"

"She had dumps like a truck truck
Guys like what what what
I think, I'll sing it again"

I had found Kozo the dancing hippo a few years ago and today while surfing the web at work, rediscovered it! It is absolutely hilarious; pure comical genius. Warning: I promise you the song is gonna get stuck in your head!
Enjoy and oh Happy Friday!

Hipo dancer

“Ride till I die, Lord knows I stay high, and I love it…Let's go!”

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We count hundreds on the table, twenty’s on the floor
Fresh outta work and on the way with some more
And I love it yeah... and I love it

What an awesome long weekend! Instead of staying at home and lying on the couch watching mindless TV, Amit and I decided to be a bit more adventurous and go to NYC. Hmm maybe it was Divyesh who talked us into going to NYC since he had a suite at the Waldorf Astoria…or maybe it was the fact that I just wanted some Swati time…whatever the reason, it was an amazing weekend. On Friday night the 2 couples (Divyesh and Colleen, Amit and I) did a late night dinner and drinks night at Café Wha! The music was intoxicating and so was the sangria ;o) Saturday we shopped a lil, ate a lil, talked a lil and invited a huge gang to dinner at Mamba Mexico (great place Divyesh!). After dinner we got down on the floor at La Caverna. The bouncer was a complete racist (coz he wouldn’t leave a bunch of brown people in at one! But clearly let a huge group of white girls in) and I was pissed as hell when I finally got in, thanks to Colleen. I have full intention of writing an angry letter to La Caverna and I will definitely post it on the blog. Anyways after a few drinks I calmed down and danced the night away with Swati and Tina. I saw some Konks, I hadn’t seen in a while which is always fun. On Sunday did lunch at Chinese mirch. The food was excellent and so was the company at the table…well except the complainer (ahem, ahem) Other than seeing the newly married Chaitra and her hubby, an additional surprise was running into Roshni and Kashif. Semi Konk reunion woot woot! Amit and I decided to come back Sunday night so we could sleep in on Monday and do some shopping in the dc area. All in all….it was a great weekend! I hope to do more of those…

Random Ruminations:
1) I don’t like it when people steal my vacation ideas…yes that’s right…I AM A BIG BABY!
2) I don’t like racists. I dont like racist bouncers. Especially when you are black or Indian boucner! Sabs, I’m calling you to help me write this hate letter to La Caverna.
3) Whoever thought of having Hookahs in a bar was a freaking genius!
4) I don’t like people that complain about being excluded from plans when they themselves don’t make efforts to include others in their plans. Besides when you are invited to things don’t harp on the fact that you were not invited to something else…that’s the kinda stuff that gets you excluded in the first place! Sheesh!
5) I love Swati! I love her sarcastic humor! And I love the fact that we were able to make fun of the complainer from #4 for hours! Yes, I am that trife ;o)
6) I love to cook! Never thought I would say it..but I do. More than cooking itself, I love to read recipes. Hehe. I’m such a house wife.

Classes start this week...its go time!

No really…go!

Me a princess!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Snow White

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"If its your birthday and you know it, clap your hands!"


Aka: Brownman, loser, poop head (swatis pet name)

Welcome to golden year of 27...only 3 more years until you're officially Old Brownman ;o)

“What'll you do when you get lonely? And nobody's waiting by your side?”

Thursday, January 11, 2007

“You've been running and hiding much too long.
You know it's just your foolish pride.
Layla, you've got me on my knees.”

Does anyone see the irony in Restaurant week in DC being right at the beginning of the new years? Isn’t that the time most people make resolutions, specifically regarding eating well, working out, losing weight and saving money? Hah. I think it’s pretty damn ironic! Regardless Amit and I decided to indulge. So we ate rich food and spent money that we don’t really have. Bah who cares? The 2 restaurants, Acadiana and Indebleu, were excellent. Acadiana serves Cajun/Louisiana fare where as Indebleu serves Indian and French fusion food. Although the one complaint that we had about Indebleu was that the menu for restaurant week is not as extensive as the Acadiana. But whatever we got was good and this will definitely push us to go back to try other dishes. Their a bit pricy on a regular night so we might have to save that experience for a special occasion or perhaps another restaurant week.

Random thoughts:
• Has this week been longest week of your life?
• Billy Blanks is going to be the death of me! His work ultimate out video is tooooo much! Or perhaps I’m just outta shape :o(
• I have been a really good mood the last few days! Maybe because Amit is a good mood. Is this because there is a direct correlation between his moods and school work? Hmm maybe? Maybe I shouldn’t analyze and just enjoy the good time :o)
• Why is it that your better half’s mood effects yours?(see bullet above) perhaps Bob Marley asked it best “Is this love that I’m feelin”
• My best friend, Neil’s bday is only a day away! He will be as old as me. Yay someone to share the misery with.
• Why was there a delay in the yellow line again today? Coordinate WMATA! Coordinate!
• I don’t like slow walkers in the metro stops…specially the ones that decide to walk down the escalators but do it at a snail pace. I also don’t like the trash guy at work who decided to throw away my bottle of water…I WAS STILL USING THAT, AHOLE! I do not like green eggs and Ham!
• I don’t like the cold…but I love the snow…odd huh? I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’m glad it finally feels like winter…all those random warm days during dec and early jan made my body outta whack.
• Amit and I need a damn vacation away from Houston and NYC! That would be a nice change…
• Is it Friday yet??!!

"We go deep and we dont get no sleep, coz we be up all night..until the early light"

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Did I mention that on Dec 30'th Amit and I had to attend Josh's older sister Janet's wedding. It was a beautiful Catholic wedding at this amazing church in Houston and the bride looked absolutely angelic in her white dress. Sigh I wish I could rock a weddring dress instead of a sari. Ahh well cest la vie :o)
Pic of the beautiful bride, Janet and her dashing hubby now, Ajit post vows :o)

Bhoomika and me working away at the reception table getting the seating chart straight....who knew working with mallu uncles and aunties would be hard work? I mean everyone was an Abraham, John, Jim or Jacob!

The Cutest babies! His twin brother is sleeping during the reception but this one kept all of us entertained at our table! and he loves his spoon :o)
Divyesh and Bhooms playing pass that baby!

Continue playing pass that baby...YAY MY TURN!

Amit trying to be entertaining...the babys probably thinking.."who's this fool??"

Baby: "Sheesh what a retard! OOO shiny sppoooonnn!"

Amit: "Hey I think Im funny...dont you jimboy??"
JB: "no not really...infact you almost look scary...but oddly enough Im turned on!"

Hey its my damn blog...and I can tell the story the way I want to!
More madness tomorrow!


Monday, January 8, 2007

Dont be surprised if I go Flicker happy and start uploading pics that I have been promising. I know...I know..I should have known sooner..but I thought it involved coding but blogger has made it super easy to upload pics. So, so, so Happy! that Im not stupid...just a bit slow ;o)

“No place for beginners or sensitive hearts…..When sentiment is left to chance, No place to be ending but somewhere to start”

No need to ask
He's a smooth operator

It was a weekend filled with family time and watching Football and playing pool. I love weekends where I get to sleep in! And sleep in I did. On Saturday and Sunday I slept in till about noon, making up for the sleep I lacked during the week; cleaned the house, caught up on TV shows that have been sitting on snap stream and made reservations for Restaurant week. We are going to Acadiana tonight and Indebleu which I am very excited about! Mmmm FOOOD.
I watched Happy feet with my 2 lil cousins and although the story was a bit unrealistic ( I know, I know….Its Disney…I mean come on they made the lil mermaid!) It was very good! I loved the music. Amit is satisfied with the amount of football he got into his system..which means Im hoping that there is very lil whining regarding that…(one can hope!)
So I was reading Swati's blog during work and I realized how much I too want a doggie! But Amit is a bit more realistic perhaps…it is a lot of responsibility and although I know Im capable of taking on that sort of duty, I know I want to travel still, and I think having a dog can really hinder that..but I also know I have wonderful parents not too far from me, who I would talk into taking care of my pet for a weekend. I think families with dogs usually end up doing healthier. Especially the kids! They grow up with a companion who provides unconditional love, and teaches them what responsibility. I think kids with pets usually also are more outdoorsy..you know take their dogs for walks, play Frisbee and not just sit around playing xbox all day long. I mean Im not thinking of having kids anytime soon, but a dog might be a good start for a course in responsibility. All I have to do now is convince Amit that we should get a doggie! Maybe Ill just sneak a cute puppy home and he won’t be able to resist!! God Swati…look what you did! You’re making me want a doggie too!!

REALLY??? and I say I cant fathom the idea of livng in NYC!!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

You Are New York

Cosmopolitan and sophisticated, you enjoy the newest in food, art, and culture.
You also appreciate a good amount of grit - and very little shocks you.
You're competitive, driven, and very likely to succeed.

Famous people from New York: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Tupac Shakur, Woody Allen

“Just like a legend that rises and then falls I cannot be his only one”

"And like a callous, cold, callous woman she'll never know what she did done
So like this legend that rises and then falls I'll never be his only one"

Happy New Year!
I wish everyone a wonderful year! A year filled with laughter, love, health and many other good wishes :o)
I myself don’t believe in resolutions. I think it’s too easy to make resolutions and just as easy to break them…so I usually just try to put things into action. So I have only started going to the gym, making an attempt to eat healthy and drink more water and last but not least, I am already making efforts to keep more in touch with my family and friends. Amit and I had a wonderful time at Ranjit’s house in Dallas as we rang in the New Years with some fantastic konks! Even though we were there for one night, it felt like I had hung out with them forever. I realized that this is the best way you know that you are comfortable with people…you don’t have to call them everyday or even email them 10 times a day, you just start off conversations as if you have been chatting forever! I really hope I get to hang out more with these konks and the people in Houston as well. Before I left for Texas, I spent some quality time with the rents, Swati, hosted a small but successful game night, and even managed to rekindle old friendships with UMBC peeps! It’s amazing where everyone is and it is even more remarkable that is has really been 4 years since we all graduated!
In other news, I have been cooking a lot and am thinking of blogging simple recipes. Who knows how much I will be able to write..since I have a proven record of being lazy with my writing!! Hehe. Besides the food blogs I have been into lately have pics..which seem to be a pain to post on blogspot site. But until then here’s a simple recipe for Beans Upkari, that Amit and I both love and the best part is it is a Konkani dish ;o)
You need..
1) Frozen or fresh French cut beans
2) 5 Garlic cloves (garlic paste will not work)
3) 2-3 Dried red chilies cut in halves (avble at all Indian stores)
4) Salt as per your taste
5) 2 tsp of vegetable oil

Peel the skin of the garlic cloves and fry lightly in oil. After about 2 mins add the red chilies. When the aroma of the garlic starts getting strong add the beans and cook for about 4-5 mins. Add salt and serve. It’s that simple :o) Also very yummy and healthy!
More to say in the New Year :o)

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