“What'll you do when you get lonely? And nobody's waiting by your side?”

Thursday, January 11, 2007

“You've been running and hiding much too long.
You know it's just your foolish pride.
Layla, you've got me on my knees.”

Does anyone see the irony in Restaurant week in DC being right at the beginning of the new years? Isn’t that the time most people make resolutions, specifically regarding eating well, working out, losing weight and saving money? Hah. I think it’s pretty damn ironic! Regardless Amit and I decided to indulge. So we ate rich food and spent money that we don’t really have. Bah who cares? The 2 restaurants, Acadiana and Indebleu, were excellent. Acadiana serves Cajun/Louisiana fare where as Indebleu serves Indian and French fusion food. Although the one complaint that we had about Indebleu was that the menu for restaurant week is not as extensive as the Acadiana. But whatever we got was good and this will definitely push us to go back to try other dishes. Their a bit pricy on a regular night so we might have to save that experience for a special occasion or perhaps another restaurant week.

Random thoughts:
• Has this week been longest week of your life?
• Billy Blanks is going to be the death of me! His work ultimate out video is tooooo much! Or perhaps I’m just outta shape :o(
• I have been a really good mood the last few days! Maybe because Amit is a good mood. Is this because there is a direct correlation between his moods and school work? Hmm maybe? Maybe I shouldn’t analyze and just enjoy the good time :o)
• Why is it that your better half’s mood effects yours?(see bullet above) perhaps Bob Marley asked it best “Is this love that I’m feelin”
• My best friend, Neil’s bday is only a day away! He will be as old as me. Yay someone to share the misery with.
• Why was there a delay in the yellow line again today? Coordinate WMATA! Coordinate!
• I don’t like slow walkers in the metro stops…specially the ones that decide to walk down the escalators but do it at a snail pace. I also don’t like the trash guy at work who decided to throw away my bottle of water…I WAS STILL USING THAT, AHOLE! I do not like green eggs and Ham!
• I don’t like the cold…but I love the snow…odd huh? I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’m glad it finally feels like winter…all those random warm days during dec and early jan made my body outta whack.
• Amit and I need a damn vacation away from Houston and NYC! That would be a nice change…
• Is it Friday yet??!!


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