“Gali Gali mein phirata hain, tu kyun ban ke banjara; Aa mere dil mein bas ja, mere aashiq aawara..”

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

All you true Indian film lovers, especially those who were in India during the early 90’s surely remember this song from the ever green movie: Tridev! Can you believe I was able to actually find this mp3 and I have been overplaying at my house. Amit officially thinks I am a FOB! Yep. That I am darling…that I am and damn proud of it!
The following are short letters to the people who have inspired me enough to waste my day writing this entry:
1)Dear Upstairs neighbors
Why can’t you have a normal sleeping schedule like the rest of us? Do you have a workshop up there? Coz I constantly hear heavy items being dropped at odd times like 3.45 am in the morning! Two words: STOP IT! I will be up there one of these days and you will definitely feel my wrath if the madness continues….

2)Dear DC Metro Manager
Is there a reason the yellow line is so sporadic? Do you think its fun for me to stand on the platform at Pentagon city and see 2 blue line trains go by back to back and then wait for the yellow line to appear 10 minutes later? And why is there a constant track construction on the yellow line? I would appreciate it if you could make the yellow lines just as frequent as the blue line. After all I am all about equal opportunity.

In other news, Swati is here today and will be here till next Tuesday. Amit is leaving for Houston tomorrow and I will be joining him during new years. Until then, Swati will be staying with me in pentagon city for a few days. This can only mean trouble around DC ;o) the next few days. I am planning a small party/game night at my apt this Saturday and I am going to a post Christmas gathering in DC with the old UMBC heads…fun fun fun!!

“Sun is in the sky oh why oh why……Would I wanna be anywhere else”

Thursday, December 7, 2006

I don’t know if I have mentioned but because the DOE hq is having some air duct work done and my floor alone has been moved temporarily to this bldg near the DC SW water front. The view is incredible. And once I push my lazy ass to get up and take some pics, I will post them up (but don’t hold your breath). Anyways one of the good things about the move is not just the view but also that the food court plaza is at the basement of this bldg. So I never have to actually leave the bldg to get food or coffee. Now this also means that the whole plan to save money and pack lunch has kind of taken a back seat. The past few days, I have been waking up with a sore throat and all I really want is hot soup! So I have been indulging in cream of Broccoli soup from Au bon Pain; Nothing like scolding hot soup to give your throat the temporary relief. So I’m standing in line with my plastic box figuring out what else I need aside from the soup (which is still sitting on my desk untouched) and when the lady in front of my starts to move, I decide on hot wings and this green beans dish. The guy behind me starts to cough…kinda like nudging me to hurry up. WTF! Didn’t the line just move? Do you not see me actually pick my food and put it in my box? UGH! Lunch lines are the bane of my existence….well not really…but none the less, it was annoying!

“Ohh Wont you Stay, Just a little bit longer…Please, please, please, please, please…tell me you’re goin to;

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

"Now if your daddy don’t mind, and if your mommy don’t mind,
Can we have another dance, just one more time!”

I can’t believe its December already! People are already Xmas shopping and planning out vacations. Our thanksgiving this year was amazing. With a new family at the dinner table we had lots to be thankful for :o) Didi and her family came from Chicago on Thursday. Anshul has grown so much and there was non stop talking and singing. The turkey dinner was fantastic. Ma really outdid herself this year! I was also happy because finally Swati decided to visit us since she left for NYC in August! Trust me…that’s long for us.
Amit and I also went to Ateet’s reception on Friday night. Ateet and his wife, Jenny looked wonderful and the event itself went very well. I wish you two the very best in life!
On Thanksgiving Sunday, the whole family went to Georgetown for a whole day and we were blessed that weather was a beautiful 65 degrees. My birthday week was very busy with tons of dinners, surprises and lucky wins. I won tickets to the Wizards vs. Bobcats basket ball game through work this past Friday. Our seats were incredible, we could actually see the player sweat! Saturday was my bday dinner with 2 of my very favorite people! I wish I saw Neil and Sumi more…Just because they brighten my day :o) I love you guys! On Sunday Amit and I attended my company’s Xmas party which was hosted on the Odyssey cruise. It was open bar and needless to say, Amit was in heaven. The food was decent but the band that played was awesome! Everyone got up and danced. Except us, we decided to mingle with other young folks, chatted about sports and joked about my bosses dancing skills.
In other news…I have caught up with one of gfs, Apoorva, from my Baltimore days and discovered she lives and works in DC. I’m hosting her to a dinner at our place this wed. So looks like this week is going to fairly busy too; But I can’t complain, I like it busy and I think I have had enough of tv watching and laying on the couch. Let’s see how this busy spell continues…..
Well until more exciting times. That’s all folks!

PS ( I’m in this 50’s diner and malt shop music mode. Hence the title.
Current music list: Tears on my pillow, I only have eyes for you, Moon river, Sherry, God only knows, Duke of Earl, Big girls don’t cry, Dream of you, Summer nights…etc.)

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