“Sun is in the sky oh why oh why……Would I wanna be anywhere else”

Thursday, December 7, 2006

I don’t know if I have mentioned but because the DOE hq is having some air duct work done and my floor alone has been moved temporarily to this bldg near the DC SW water front. The view is incredible. And once I push my lazy ass to get up and take some pics, I will post them up (but don’t hold your breath). Anyways one of the good things about the move is not just the view but also that the food court plaza is at the basement of this bldg. So I never have to actually leave the bldg to get food or coffee. Now this also means that the whole plan to save money and pack lunch has kind of taken a back seat. The past few days, I have been waking up with a sore throat and all I really want is hot soup! So I have been indulging in cream of Broccoli soup from Au bon Pain; Nothing like scolding hot soup to give your throat the temporary relief. So I’m standing in line with my plastic box figuring out what else I need aside from the soup (which is still sitting on my desk untouched) and when the lady in front of my starts to move, I decide on hot wings and this green beans dish. The guy behind me starts to cough…kinda like nudging me to hurry up. WTF! Didn’t the line just move? Do you not see me actually pick my food and put it in my box? UGH! Lunch lines are the bane of my existence….well not really…but none the less, it was annoying!


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