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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Did I mention that on Dec 30'th Amit and I had to attend Josh's older sister Janet's wedding. It was a beautiful Catholic wedding at this amazing church in Houston and the bride looked absolutely angelic in her white dress. Sigh I wish I could rock a weddring dress instead of a sari. Ahh well cest la vie :o)
Pic of the beautiful bride, Janet and her dashing hubby now, Ajit post vows :o)

Bhoomika and me working away at the reception table getting the seating chart straight....who knew working with mallu uncles and aunties would be hard work? I mean everyone was an Abraham, John, Jim or Jacob!

The Cutest babies! His twin brother is sleeping during the reception but this one kept all of us entertained at our table! and he loves his spoon :o)
Divyesh and Bhooms playing pass that baby!

Continue playing pass that baby...YAY MY TURN!

Amit trying to be entertaining...the babys probably thinking.."who's this fool??"

Baby: "Sheesh what a retard! OOO shiny sppoooonnn!"

Amit: "Hey I think Im funny...dont you jimboy??"
JB: "no not really...infact you almost look scary...but oddly enough Im turned on!"

Hey its my damn blog...and I can tell the story the way I want to!
More madness tomorrow!


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