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Monday, January 8, 2007

No need to ask
He's a smooth operator

It was a weekend filled with family time and watching Football and playing pool. I love weekends where I get to sleep in! And sleep in I did. On Saturday and Sunday I slept in till about noon, making up for the sleep I lacked during the week; cleaned the house, caught up on TV shows that have been sitting on snap stream and made reservations for Restaurant week. We are going to Acadiana tonight and Indebleu which I am very excited about! Mmmm FOOOD.
I watched Happy feet with my 2 lil cousins and although the story was a bit unrealistic ( I know, I know….Its Disney…I mean come on they made the lil mermaid!) It was very good! I loved the music. Amit is satisfied with the amount of football he got into his system..which means Im hoping that there is very lil whining regarding that…(one can hope!)
So I was reading Swati's blog during work and I realized how much I too want a doggie! But Amit is a bit more realistic perhaps…it is a lot of responsibility and although I know Im capable of taking on that sort of duty, I know I want to travel still, and I think having a dog can really hinder that..but I also know I have wonderful parents not too far from me, who I would talk into taking care of my pet for a weekend. I think families with dogs usually end up doing healthier. Especially the kids! They grow up with a companion who provides unconditional love, and teaches them what responsibility. I think kids with pets usually also are more outdoorsy..you know take their dogs for walks, play Frisbee and not just sit around playing xbox all day long. I mean Im not thinking of having kids anytime soon, but a dog might be a good start for a course in responsibility. All I have to do now is convince Amit that we should get a doggie! Maybe Ill just sneak a cute puppy home and he won’t be able to resist!! God Swati…look what you did! You’re making me want a doggie too!!


Amit B. said...

I like how you sneaked in the part about me whining. No respect.

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