Don't be fooled by the shiny Blue shirts!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So as I mentioned yesterday....I am in love with my mac. It is true that I don't really use all these cool gadgets that it comes with...but all items that I do use are quicker and smarter :o) BTW how cool is this garage band software. I tuned Bhatjis guitar with its help...unfortunately I can't really play hehe. I am sure Garage band will help with this cause as well. Anyhoo, I want to connect my mac to my tv so that I can watch stuff on Hulu, google videos with ease on a bigger screen. We already have a Blue ray player that hooks us up with Youtube and our netflix instant viewing. Side note: Netflix Instant Streaming is the BEST! They give you soooo many new movies to watch that its totally worth having netflix. I mean I would have been annoyed if I actually waited for Julie and Julia....however it was streaming so it actually made me feel better that I didn't waste my time waiting for this in the mail. Also they have a whole bunch of new Bollywood movies as whenever Bhatji and feel like catching on the Bolly scene, BAM netflix instant streaming baby. OK back to the MAC connection for the TV. So Bhatji and I went to the only apple store here in the Queen City on Sunday...where btw People were waiting in a line to TRY....yes TRY NOT BUY the IPAD! I was blown. Don't people have anything better to do on their Sunday afternoons then stand in a line to just play around with the IPAD? Anyways Bhatji and I flagged one of the Apple store employee. This young guy in a shiny blue shirt and this funky lil gadget, looked like he knew all the answers to all our apple questions. Bhatji specifically asked for the cable for our lap tap and the guy immediately hooked us up with a cable that would do the job and also talked us into buying a remote, so we could be lazier. We get home excited to see how this would look on our tv. Much to our dismay the guy had given us the wrong cable. So I had to make a second trip on Monday to get a different cable. This time I actually took my lap top to make sure they knew what we wanted. I was greeted with another Shiny blue shirt apple employee, who said "oh....this is the wrong cable and you cant really use the remote. Let me give you the right the cables". Since Bhatji couldn't go with me again I had the guy talk to Bhatji on my cell phone to confirm the cables and what they do etc. That evening Bhatji was annoyed that this guy had again sold us the wrong cables again! On Tuesday I went in pretty peeved and a new dude with a shiny blue shirt, said that they didn't even have cables that could connect the mac with a tv! WTF. Then another guy with a shiny blue shirt came over and said that there were in fact 2 cables needed to make it happen. I'm annoyed, tired and I hate that their shirt color is starting to give me a headache. I tell the guy that if I have to come back again....I will be talked directly to their supervisor and they will have to compensate for all my wasted time. He was polite and assured me that this shall indeed be my last trip to the apple store. And thank the stars above, he was right. We got the right cables and Hulu is well and alive on our big screen TV. I love my mac but not these Shiny blue shirt losers..who look like they know what they are talking about but really have no clue.
On a different note: The IPAD is awesome. Since I did had to go 2 extra times on weekdays, I actually play with one w/o standing in line. I am not really a fan of the touch screen typing, but the IPAD touch screen pad is easy to use. Fun and compact computer for sure. I am a little afraid of purchasing one and dealing with the shiny blue shirt people. So no IPAD for me. Come on Apple...You can come up with the IPAD but not hire some knowledgeable workers!! Sheesh.


Swati said...

AHHH! you're blogging again! Loves it and Anu... you used Garage Band?! _I_ haven't even done that.

p.s. so cute you are!

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