Where has it all gone?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I am literally staring at this empty space in this blogger box......for what seems like 5 hours! I have gotten up 3 times looking for bad snack foods, drinking iced tea and checking my email (even though I know when I do get an email beacause I have the the tab open) Where to start!!
Okay so here goes my catch up blog post (if you say this really fast it sounds like ketchup blog hehe) random!
1) My family got me a new mac as a bday present last year and I don't remember what life was like before this Apple gem!!
2) I gained 7 freaking lbs and my Indian mother actually said "dear..you need to lose weight!" say wha say wha
3) Our new house is a lot of work but I love our home.
4) I miss Bhatji when he isnt around and then I OD on our time quickly and crave solace. And again within 5 mins I missing him again. Almost feel like I am schizo. Poor Bhatji doesnt know if hes coming or going hehe.
5) My dance buisness is picking up. slowly but surely and I love my students. I felt satisfied in my new career when my 5 year old student gave me hug after a show and said "all iz well ms. Anuzi"
6) We rang in 2010 with our new found friends and lots laughs and liquor.
7) Bhatji and I resolved to lose weight together. Yeah theres a ingenious resolution hehe.
8) We have cut out white rice from our diet completely and calorie count constantly
9) We joined a gym and I am an avid fan of Zumba
10) I have lost 5 lbs since Feb and I am aiming to lose 5 more. (yeah right!)
11)However Bhatji has lost so much weight that he actually looks emaciated! I hate that men and women lose weight differently.
12) I don't get the hype of the movie "Julie and Julia" Bhatji fell asleep within 15 mins of the movie.
13) I wish I had a green thumb...I would love to wonders with my yard.
14) I want to stop procrastinating........starting next week hehe!

Ok thats all for now. Loving this Spring weather. Fabulous times ahead :o)


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