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Monday, April 7, 2008

Oh oh oh oh
This is the dance for all the lovers
Takin' a chance for one another
Finally it's our time now
These are the times that we'll remember
Breaking the city's heart together
Finally it's our time now
It's our time now

I am trying very hard to recuperate from a fantastic weekend! As I had mentioned my best friend was visiting and we partied like we were back in college; only we got tired much sooner, and weren’t as crazy as the college years. So I guess not really like we were in college hehe. But it was soo much fun to see the gang back together again. Luckily it was a beautiful warm weekend in NYC. We shopped all day; ate dinner at Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles restaurant and went bar hopping and ended up in a club where we ran into more DC folks! What are the chances that you would run into someone you know in a big city like NYC but clearly the chances are pretty good :o) All in all a wonderful weekend. I miss being around these wonderful people already. But it’s the distance that makes these meet ups all the more special.
Its spring time and time for new changes so in honor of this wonderful season I am thinking of changing my blog name. I know Anuzi is unique….especially since the name was bestowed upon me by my old dance crew. But I figured since I do have a foodie blog maybe I should gear the blog name towards a more food related term…..what do you guys think? Or do you like Anuzi…since it provides some ambiguity…where it could be a foodie blog or just a blog for my thoughts. What say you folks?


Siri said...

Anu- Guess what?? I was just thinking about you and volla, I see ur comment! Yesterday, I posted a dish and asked folks to guess it. Wanna try?? Just curious to know how many will get it right!

So, u know Telugu too..Yoo!!


Siri said...

Hmmm, now that I read ur post, I think u can blend in ur yummy recipes with ur thoughts and make the posts interesting to read.. what say?
Oh ya, I like the name ANUZI!!

btw, Is it ur real name?..;)


AnuZi said...

My mom's family is from Rajamandri and I was born there but we are actually Konkani. I've always had a knack for languages so I was able to pick up Telegu since my mom and her sisters would talk in telegu all the time. But you would happy to know that everything that my mom cooks is Andhra as you can get. From the Pacchadis to the Avakai's etc. We love it :o)

AnuZi said...

lol That would be cool name to have but alas no it isnt hehe.

Sheets said...

I love Anuzi. But I understand wanting to match the name to your foodie-ness. Hmmm. Perhaps there is a name to combine both?! I shall "stew" on this. hehehehe glad you had such a great weekend!

Srivalli said...

hey anuzi..thats great to know you had a ball...

btw I thought your blog name was "Living life with a bit of spice??..anuzi sounds great..but just that alone doesn't refer to a food blog..you really can't have a food blog just with recipes..then it becomes a recipe site not a blog right.t..you already include personal notes too right..

maybe..anuzi...living life with lots of spice...:D...

and thanks for planning to join me in mw ...good

Vani said...

Oh, you took me down memory lane to my pub hopping days in Bangalore! I do miss them and my dear friends!! I do like Anuzi -it's unique. It's ambiguous too - does not shout "foodie" or anything else for that matter. And I really don't think anybody else will use that name either (unlike say Anu or Vani!)

Bhatji said...

I have grown to like Anuzi. Keep it!!

AnuZi said...

Sheets, I was thinking about that too! so if you come up with something cool then definitely pass it on my way. But for now I think Anuzi stays.

Srivalli, It looks like the popular vote is to keep my name :o)

Vani, Thanks girl. It helped me with the decision making :o) I am keeping the name.

Bhatji, Hiiiiii well it looks like there are others that agree with you so Anuzi stays :o)

Sia said...

anuzi rocks! ;)

AnuZi said...

Thanks Sia dahling! Will be keeping the name :o)

Nanditha Prabhu said...

hi anuzi,so you are a konkani too!nice to note that.. thanks for visiting my place.....:)
are you a dancer too?
i thought i read it in one of your previous posts...if yes, we have more things in common. i run a dance school too:)

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

I like the name Anuzi...it's different,mystical & intriguing. Not foodie but hey, it's your blog/ your space! Maybe you can add a tag line!BTW, glad you had a great time with your pals!Cheers

Mansi Desai said...

hmm...sounds like someone's been having a lot of fun lately!!:) as for the name, I think its your own space, and you do write about a lot of personal stuff than just food, so its unique, and its YOU! i don't think a change in name is required..

AnuZi said...

Nanditha P: Yes dahling I am a dancer. I learned BharathNatyam for almost 11 years in Mysore. Then when I came to the US for schooling started expanding my dance resume to Modern, Jazz, Hip hop, Bhangra and even dabbled in some breaking ;o) Hence the name. I used to have a performance troupe and then started teaching some classes. But the passion has taken a back seat to....well....life hehe. But I can't wait to start up again. and man am I envious that you have your own school!! Oh, affirmative...I am konktastic ;o)

AnuZi said...

PB&B: Mystical eh hehe. Well in that case I love being mystical....keeping the name :o)

Mansi D: I know I have been either having too much fun or working like a dog so I need to find a gray area soon. I think I do like the thought of keeping the name...its just that sometimes I get sad that I don't have a foodie title like fun n food or cheftastic etc. But ya know I'm ok just being Anuzi for now :o)

Sonal said...

Hi Anuzi,
Thanks for commenting on my blog. Great blog you have here. I guess there are a lot of cool foodie blogs out there which I haven't discovered yet. I'll definitely be stopping by more.
I am actually not in NYC, but in Central Jersey..not too far, regardless. :-)
By the way, may I add your blog to my blog roll?

AnuZi said...

Sonal: Oooo plz do :o) and Central Jersey. We are practically neighbors :o)

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