“There’s nothing like you and I……..So why do I even try?”

Monday, April 28, 2008

We spent some time together walking
Spent some time just talking
About who we were
You held my hand so very tightly
And told me what we could be dreaming of
There’s nothing like you and I
Nothing like you and I

Hello Beautiful people! I know I’ve been gone for a minute but I’m back. I was on a mini vacation in Houston for a wedding and getting back to reality has sucked all the energy of writing a blog entry. On top of it all….I’m making a big change in my life. After months of back and forth between DC-NJ, Bhatji and I have decided that the distance thing isn’t really working out. So this May will be my last month at my project in DC and the job hunt in NJ has officially begun! I am excited, nervous and scared because I don’t have a job offer in hand, but looking for a job IS a full time job so it’s kinda hard to look while working for a busy client. The current US economy is terrible and this means that the job market is definitely at its worst but since I am close to a thriving metropolis like NYC it shouldn’t be too bad. Well we’ll see how it all pans out. If you are in the NJ/NY area and know of companies hiring….please keep me in mind ;o)

That’s it for personal updates and on to the foodie portion on the blog. Well in my short time in NJ this past week…even though I kept busy by pretty much by surfing through monster and career builder, I did manage to try out a few new recipes and try my hand at the Jaibee’s click event. So here is my entry for the Click event-Au natural.

Brown Eggs in a Nest


Sonal said...

Nice pic...Good luck with the job hunt. I might enter the Click event too..let's see.
Take care...

Siri said...

hey buddy, ask me howz is the job market..its HORRIBLE.. man, this recession is really killing me..
Gud to see u back chica.. and no photography lessons yaar.. just my normal stuff. and glad u liked them..:D ok pa, take care for now.. will bug u later hehhee..


bee said...

good luck with the job hunt, and thank you for your entry.

Swati Raman Garg said...

hey me too going thru the bad job hunt... d click is too good..

Divya Vikram said...

Nice click!

TBC said...

Good luck with the job hunt!

Vani said...

Hey Anuzi! I live in NJ. Can you tell me what your field is? If you don't want to write it on your blog, feel free to email me at ginnymeow at gmail dot com.
And btw, have you been a part of Arusuvai already? If not, will you be interested? No worries if you cannot or don't want to, ok?
Nice click too!

Sig said...

job hunt, fun... :) Good luck...

AnuZi said...

Thanks for the luck dear. And you should totally enter the click event. I'll keep a look out for an entry :o)

I know it is really bad. But I gotta keep trying :o( Well cest la vie. Glad to be back and happy to see you around girly :o)

Thanks much lady!

Well dahling good luck to you! I wish you the best and thanks for stopping by

Thanks ladies :o)

oooo thanks so much for asking. I just emailed you and may I say: WHAT YOU LIVE IN NJ. Ok this calls for a foodie meet up. Now that I'll have time on my hands I might actually plan that out ;o)

FUN! Ohh yea its loads of fun...its like getting a root canal kinda fun hehe. But thanks dear.

DK said...

You were bang on when you spoke about the US market...My best wishes for a v fruitful hunt :)

Srivalli said...

My best wishes for a super fast job offer!...don't you worry..things will work out fine!

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Great entry Anuzi...love the effects of the light & the colours coming together! NICE!!

Arundathi said...

Good luck! NYC is so much fun - how exciting! :)

sunita said...

That's a pretty picture Anu...all the best with the job hunt :-)

Sheets said...

Anuzi! Good luck with the job hunt... it can be exciting and nerve wracking all in one search. Try searching for job search engines... weird sounding I know but going through off beat or alumni job postings help because you see jobs that not every Tom, Dick and Harry are seeing and applying to! Let me know if you need any help!
Also... I need your email address so I can add you to my blog! (ashi dot bhatt at gmail dot com)

AnuZi said...

Dk, Srivalli,
Aww thank you ladies for your encouragement

Thanks much!

Thanks. Yea now that the weather is wonderful...I plan on taking full advantage of living near a city with so much life!!

Thanks so much dear!

Well I am going to email you in a few. Maybe you can enlighten me on those job search engines. Any help would be great!! :o)thanks dear

Vani said...

Anuzi- just saw your response! I've been reading about other foodies' meetings and was thinking how nice it'd be if we ahd one here. Now that you're volunteering, you'll be nominated President of NJ foodies! Just move here soon! :)
Emailed you just now. Hope something works out & soon!

AnuZi said...

Vani dear,
Thank you for your email...I'm gonna go through the website and see if there is a fit for me. And Presidency hehe sounds all official. Why don't we call me the social chair ;o) But seriously keep your eyes peeled for an email regarding a meet up soon!!

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