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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If you are what you say you are, a superstar
Then have no fear, the camera's is here
And the microphone's
And they wanna' know oh oh oh oh

As foodies we not only cook different varieties of meals that range from many ethnic backgrounds we also love trying new foods…..be it vegetarians or non. And if the fare smells and looks good and the restaurant is surrounded by rave reviews then it’s the perfect combination for foodie heaven. I am very much into trying new foods…..especially Asian foods. I can honestly say that I have NOT tried every single type of Indian food….I mean every state has a very particular way or preparing their food and the dishes also vary in taste…so I got to keep searching for these authentic Indian state restaurants. India’s neighboring countries also have foods with Indian influences in them. I think most Indian folks love Thai food for this reason. The curries, the spice and the flavors…all remind us of Indian fare but with a twist. But have you ever tried Burmese food? Well what do we know of Burma?

In current times we hear of the political upheaval caused by the country’s military dictatorship. People are not allowed to express themselves through religion and the corruption is rampant. So who would have guessed that this country neighboring India and Thailand with all its political and religious turmoil has some of the most amazing food!? I sure didn’t. There was a little Burmese hole in the wall restaurant called Mandalay, outside the university gates run by a Burmese family. My friends and I used to go there sometimes if we were sick of the usual Chinese and Thai food. It was love at first bite! I was sad to hear that they decided to move their restaurant because of their booming business to a location further from school. I recently found out that Mandalay expanded into a bigger restaurant in the Silver Spring area (suburb of DC) closer to my parent’s home. So on Saturday my family (minus Bhatji) decided to get a taste of Burma. And the food did not fail me again. So what does Burmese food taste like? Well it’s the perfect blend of Indian and Thai food. So you get your curries and such but with a hint of basil. But since Burmese food is heavily influenced by Bengali cuisine they have a lot of dishes made with mustard. So if you ever miss or want to try Bengali sea food dishes and don’t know where to go…..Burmese cuisine can fill that void. We ordered a fish dish, a chicken dish and a pork dish. All 3 with different sauces and we ordered it spicy. When Burmese say spicy….they mean SPICY!! I mean its perfect for us Indian folk who love the green and red chilies galore :o) So be warned do not say Extra spicy because there is a chance you will be drinking more water then eating the delicious food. They serve the curries along with rice. There are tons of vegetarian options as well. If you are ever in DC then definitely give this authentic Burmese restaurant - Mandalay restaurant a try. Its metro accessible (downtown Silver Spring metro stop) so don’t need a car to get there. If there are any authentic Burmese restaurant around your neck of the woods then definitely let me know….if ever I visit the area then I wouldn’t mind trying it out ;o)


Happy cook said...

To be honest i don't know nothing about Burmeese food.
I didn't even know they had spicy food.
Nice post

AnuZi said...

Happy cook, I know I too was pleasantly surprised. If you know of any good Burmese restaurants around your way then def give it a try :o)

Sheets said...

first off - great new name! I looowe it!
second - mister recently introduced me to burns superstar here in the city (always a 3 he wait!! And we've tried 3 times before finally getting to eat!!). OMG!!!! How amazing is Burmese food! As you said, it really combines the worlds of my fav foods! When you come out here, we MUST go!

Mansi Desai said...

I've heard rave reviews about burmese food too, but haven't tried it yet!

Vani said...

Strange how I never even thought of Burmese cuisine until now, Anuzi! Sounds really interesting. I must try it & soon!

AnuZi said...

Sheets, thanx dahling :o) Oooooo I love how there is an invite along with the temptation of food ;o) You know Bhatji and I might take you up on that offer :o)

Mansi, I know how funny huh. Even NYC has very few Burmese restaurants that I could find through google. Actually Sheets from the above comment lives in SFO and she knows of a Burmese Restaurant in the city. I will ask and post about it for your benefit :o)

Vani, I know I didnt think much of it either. But man you will addicted once you try it ;o)

Siri said...

Burmese food???.. never ever thought of it or heard of it babes!!.. a unique find for me I must say. If we happen to come to DC, we know we have a stop to make. :)).. Hey now that u are into trying up new cuisines.. how about some 'Mexican' food ?.. I am whiping up some too!.. take care chica!!..sounds so cool..'chica'.. man, its been ages somebody called me like that.. feel like a teenager again.. hehehe!!!..


Siri said...

Ok, I was talking about 'Mexican food' for A.W.E.D event that happening this month!!

Guess, its not linked properly before!!


Nanditha Prabhu said...

never tried burmese food yet:(
will be on the look out now

Anonymous said...

I still can't get over Mandalay... **drool**

Sig said...

I don't think I've ever had Burmese food... Will look out for a restaurant now... You are making me crave for an unknown cusine now Anuzi...

AnuZi said...

Girl trust me you will love it! Let me know if you do find one in your area or you decide to visit DC anytime soon ;o)

Yes plz look around and if you do find a good place then give it a try

I know man I'm drooling just thinking about the amazing food. I vote for a part deux

Yea I don't think you'll have too much trouble finding a Burmese eatery in Seattle. And when you do definitely lemme know what you think :o)

Sonal said...

Hi Anuzi, haven't heard from you in a few days and was just wondering if everything's ok.

AnuZi said...

Hi Sonal Dear,

Yes I am fine. How sweet of you to ask! I've been busy with the job hunting and getting back from vacation. I will be blogging more often....I hope ;o)

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