रंग बरसे भीगी चुनार वाली रंग बरसे

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Holi to all my desis!

Holi is a 3 day Indian celebration of the upcoming spring and harvest season. In India we would all wear white, get together and play with colors. I remember coming home looking like a kid dipped in colord paints. It would take 3-4 washes before the colors would come off of my hair. Schools would be closed and the kids with colors would run rampant! In north India they would drink "bhaang" and then have a huge fire on the 3rd day of Holi. Its cool how Holi coincides with first day of Spring according to the western calendar. So lets celebrate the onset of Spring....with lots colors, yummy food, family and friends. Happy Holi!!!!

Soooo many engagements soooo many good wishes:
Congrats to Megs and Umma :o)
Congrats to Ranju and Reena :o)
Congrats to VA and SS :o)
Wooooo hooo let the wedding season begin!!


Dhivya said...

happy holi to ut oo dear

Siri said...

*Rang barse bheege chunarwali... Ranga barse*..:DD

Colorful post Anu... and Wishing You a very very happy Holi sweety!


Meera said...

Holi hain!!!!

Happy Holi!!:-D

TBC said...

Happy Holi to u too. I used to enjoy this so much as a kid.:-)
I love the Rang Barse song.

AnuZi said...

Dhivya, Siri, Meera and TBC:
I pray that all of you had a wonderful Holi weekend too!!

Cynthia said...

That song from Silsila is one of the best Holi songs I think :) I love it!

Sia said...

belated holi wishes to u too anu... did u celebrate it?

AnuZi said...

I agree it is the best holi songs by far :o)

Nah unfortunately we can't celebrate it the way we do in India. So I just spent time with the family and drank some spicy butter milk hehe. So much for holi huh.

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