“Summer, summer, summertime…time to sit back and unwind”

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Here it is the groove slightly transformed
just a bit of a break from the norm
just a little somethin' to break the monotony
of all that hardcore dance that has gotten to be
a little bit out of control it's cool to dance
but what about the groove that soothes that moves romance

Work has been too busy and the office politics has gotten way outta hand. Its times like this I was 10 again and enjoying my summer vacation at home. Ahh well…the best thing about summer so far is all the social get-togethers I have been busy with. I guess the summer weather is a good enough reason for people to call each other and hang out. I have been steadily hanging out with a new fun group of friends that I met at a random happy hour, I have also been keeping in touch with the dance instructors from my new dance company and a lot of my old friends are making time and efforts to meet up….even if it’s for a drink. Last night I hung out with Ms. Pai and talked about her upcoming wedding. We had dinner at Tandoori Nights in Clarendon and the food and décor were superb! I have eaten at the Tandoori Nights in Germanton, MD but the food and décor at the Clarendon location was way better. Definitely give this place a try. It looks like this weekend I am making a trip to NYC to visit my sister. I am excited because the last time I went was for her graduation and I didn’t really get a chance to hang out with my sis and do our usual NYC stuff since it was short and our parents were with us. But this weekend….we will paint NYC red…Shenoy style ;o)
Now on to the foodie part of this blog. My mother in law and I made this simple potato dish last week and we then turned the leftover into a raita (yogurt dish) both the dishes were excellent. Here is the dry version of Garlic potatoes:
4 small potatoes
4 tblsp olive oil
1 tablespoons butter
3 cloves garlic, peeled and finely minced
2 tspn chopped thyme
Salt and pepper to taste

To Make:
Boil the potatoes and peel off skin. Cut the potatoes in quarters. Pour the olive oil into a roasting pan heat on medium heat for 5-6 minutes before adding the potatoes.
Roast the potatoes 30 minutes, until crisp. Shake the pan several times during cooking, so that the potatoes roll around to brown evenly. Remove from the oven. Drain the potatoes on paper towels or a cloth to absorb the excess oil, and then place in a serving dish.
In a sauté pan, melt the butter, and then add the garlic and sauté until light golden brown. Add the chopped herbs to the garlic butter, stir together quickly, and remove from the heat. Pour the garlic-herb butter over the potatoes, season with the salt and pepper, and serve.

This was an easy and yummy dish. We had some leftover garlic potatoes which my mother in law turned into a raita. For this, you just add the potatoes in a little bit of yogurt add some salt and you are done. I loved the raita so much that I didn’t even wait to take the picture….it was all gone within a matter of seconds. This could be used as an appetizer or even as a side dish.
I can’t wait till dance class tonight….I am so excited because some of my coworkers have decided to attend :o) Well that’s all for now…until the next mouth-watering blog….enjoy your summer, summer, summer time ;o)


Bhatji said...

Ahem...you are no longer a shenoy!!

Anonymous said...

^^ nice try BHAT! Shenoy 4 lyfe!

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