“It's a cruel, cruel summer leaving me here on my own”

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's a cruel, cruel summer
Now you're gone
The city is crowded
My friends are away
And I'm on my own
It's too hot to handle
So I’ve got to get up and go

"Waiting for her love to return"
- ©Linda Bergkvist - http://www.furiae.com/

You know the worse part of being away from your better half…..is not being able to share in their joys or sorrows. Usually when Bhatji calls me from NYC he is either super happy about a successful project or dejected about a project gone awry or stressed about the upcoming job hunt. And me being here…I feel…helpless. I can’t celebrate the good times with him or comfort him during his rough times. But the positive event that I am looking forward to is the last day of his internship which is next Friday and he will be finally home with me :o)
This past weekend my mother in law left for Chicago to spend the new few months with my sister in law and my apt is empty again. I immediately made plans so my mind wouldn’t focus on the loneliness. Last night me my coworker and his gf went to see Spiderman 3. I know it’s a lil late…but I really didn’t get a chance to watch it when it first came out and then I heard a lot of negative reviews so I decided to wait till it came on DVD. Well yesterday it was showing at the Arlington draft house for the Monday $1 special so I decided to see it. I agreed with the negative reviews…the story line was a bit choppy and it felt a lil melodramatic (almost like a Hindi movie...where the bad guy “suddenly” decides that he is gonna help out the hero after all) And every time they portrayed a villainous Spider man, it was foolish that they had him wear eyeliner and bangs so the audience could distinguish between evil and good. But the positive highlights were the superb action sequences and the graphics were mind-blowing. It also made me wonder how I never noticed James Franco before…I mean yes he was in both Spider man 1 and 2 but it wasn’t until the 3rd that I actually thought he was cute. Maybe because in this movie he actually had scenes where he was a good guy portraying kind of a renaissance man, who paints and cooks (yes he’s only making an omelet but still!) a good listener and a fun loving normal guy. He seemed to be great boy friend material. In any case I am glad that I finally got to see the 3rd and possibly the last installment of the Spider Man. Also this past weekend I saw a very entertaining Hindi movie (paradox?) called Honeymoon travels Pvt. ltd. It was a comedy with some serious points about 6 couples that are traveling on a bus for their Honeymoon destination, Goa. The storyline revolves around how these 6 couples interact and deal with problems, solutions, secrets and revelations. Unlike the old school candied Hindi movies…this movie actually illustrates real problems that young couples who have met their better halves through various situations, endure in a new marriage. I highly recommend this movie!
I will be back with my foodie blog soon…since my mother in law is gone and I will have to start cooking again. So until my next entry….enjoy the weather :o)

Add on:
Happy Birthday to the best Mommy in the whole world! You are truly the rock of our family. I hope you have a very very very wonderful birthday!


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