“Break it off boy, Cuz ya got me feelin naughty”

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I wanna know boy
If I could be ya shawty
Set if off boy
And make me hot all ova my body
Break it off tonight

I can’t believe that April is almost coming to an end. Summer is almost upon us…and Amen for that! So my best friend Stepheezie is here in VA for work this week and this obviously means that I have some serious catching up, bff quality time planned out and couldn’t spend as much time on blogging. This past Monday, Steph, Darrell (another one of our college buddies) and I went to the Arlington Draft house for dinner and a movie…we saw Pan’s Labyrinth and I must say it lived up to the hype. Don’t be fooled into believing that it is some sort of fairy tale or something like Harry Potter. The protagonist is a little girl whose imagination straddles the line between fantasy and reality during the gruesome Spanish civil war. The story shows the horrors of the war and how we as humans, need to question what is truly good or bad. The movie is very gory and dark, so leave the kids home for this one. The director of the movie, Guillermo del Toro, did an excellent job with the story line and direction and I recommend this movie as a must see.
Now for the foodie section; Bhatji and I always try to make healthy but quick lunches so last week I made vegetable upma/uppito(Kannada). I have started buying the quick mixes by MTR or Priya to make my job easier. I recommend the MTR upma mix, because all you need is 1 tblsp of ghee, one medium onion, a cup of the frozen veggies like carrots and peas. Boil the veggies including the onion, add the mix and stir the ghee and you have an awesome quick lunch that will remind you of your mom’s upma. One of these days I will make it from scratch but if you ever need to make a quick snack, breakfast or lunch then don’t hesitate to use the MTR or Priya mixes. I made half the packet of upma and we were able to eat it for 2 lunches. It was super tasty! More recipes to come in my next blog...until then happy blogging!


Anonymous said...

ooooooh I started watching it during thesis (while I was doing work) and as soon as I saw the guy's nose getting broken... I was like.. ok I must watch this when my constitution isn't so weak! But yeah Pan's Labyrinth is supposedly awesome and ofcourse us CG geeks were all over it as soon as it came out.

P.S. Upma in the morning for breakfast? Are you living in Mysore and not telling me!?!

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