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Thursday, November 13, 2008

We’ve waited for far too long so come get your blessing tonight baby
Wont you come over love, so I can show you love
Promise I got enough to give you all that you need baby
So many search to find, love that is good as mine
I will not waste your time so bring it all to me baby

Isn’t odd how even when you are unemployed you’re “to do list” seems long? Or is it possible that just because you are unemployed, you keep yourself busy and get more done? Hmm I guess that’s like the chicken or the egg question…but either way I’ve been busy. Mostly in the kitchen of course :o) But with so many new recipes also comes errors. Yep Bhatji has had to deal with some pretty inedible meals…hehe. He has started a “never repeat” pile again heh. I just have to make sure that pile doesn’t get too big ;o) Anyway after a lot of recent experimentation I decided that both our belly’s needed something a bit more homey. And the last 2 night I made simple bhajis, upkaris and dhaals. There’s nothing like simple food to comfort you.
The fact that I am jobless has given me an opportunity that I have dreamt about for years; to start my own dance school. The Indian community in Charlotte is fairly large and there aren’t too many Indian dance schools out here so there isn’t much competition. I haven't advertised much lately but I have decided in the New Year the new business plan will move full speed ahead. Its kind of exciting to think of working for yourself and doing what you love but at the same time it’s a bit nerve racking. Until then I am enjoying the few students I have :o)
In other news….Top Chef has started up again; that is one of the shows that always inspires me to cook new dishes. And this season the show is based in NYC. How perfect to have a foodie show in the foodiest city possible hehe. Every authentic ethnic food styles under one big umbrella. NYC is truly a foodie heaven. Sigh I can’t help but miss the city sometimes. And all this talk of food is making me hungry. Alright that’s enough yammering for one day. I’m off to get more stuff done and at some point start on dinner. So until the next entry….here’s some foodie love your way!!


Sig said...

Wow, starting your own Dance school? You go girl! :) Good luck...

archana said...

AWESOME anu! so happy to hear that. it seems like it's been on your mind for years... so way to make it happen! good luck chica, but not because you'll need any :)

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