“No me ames, porque pienses que parezco diferente”

Thursday, May 15, 2008

No me ames, porque pienses que
parezco diferente
Tú no piensas que es lo justo,
ver pasar el tiempo juntos
No me ames, que comprendo,
la mentira que sería.
Si tu amor no merezco, no me ames,
mas quédate otro día

It finally feels like spring! And all I want to do is sit out under a tree and take in the cool breezes. Alas I have some job searching to do so no real free time. Anyway I have a recipe to enter for Dhivya’s AWED Mexican Food. So without further ado I am going to get right down to the foodie portion of this blog.

I tired out a recipe for a simple Burrito recipe from the Williams and Sonoma collection called “Savoring Mexico” Here is the recipe for a healthy Mexican Bean Burrito:
1 whole wheat tortilla
½ cup of refried beans
½ of a red and green bell pepper diced
3 tbl spns of salsa
3 tbls spns of yogurt (substitute for sour cream)
A few jalapenos
2 tspns of olive oil
1 ½ tspn of cumin
½ tsp of chives

To make:
Heat the oil in a pan. Add the bell peppers and the cumin and make sure that the spice integrates into the meat and veggies well. Add the chives and heat for a 2 mins and take off heat. Heat the tortilla wrapped in a paper towel for about 35 secs. Apply the refried beans on one side of the tortilla. Lay the peppers in the center of the tortilla. Mix the salsa and yogurt in a bowl and lay that mixture on top of the peppers. Add the jalapenos and wrap the tortilla around the mixture. Serve immediately.

Taking the rice and sour cream out of the burrito makes for a healthier version of the typical burrito which is loaded with calories. This version is perfect if you are craving a quick Mexican meal and if you are watching your weight.

Sorry for making this a short entry but my in laws are visiting me for a week and I have to get this place spotless before they get here but if things don’t get too busy I will definitely be back next week with a proper entry :o) So until then soak this gorgeous spring weather!


Uma said...

burrito looks simply gorgeous. Have a great time with your in laws.

first time here. lovely blog.

Asha said...

Yummy Burritos, good one AnuZi!:)

Enjoy the company and weekend too.

Siri said...

Spring??.. we are having a heavy downpour here Anu..Booo..:(.
..Hope your job search is going well..:D. the burrito lookd yuum yumm. Have great time making ur place 'spotless' chica..;) u wanna impress them.. huh?.. just kidding..:D Have a great weekend ahead!


D said...

for a second I thought U were scolding me spanish or something for selecting this theme ;-) I heaved a sign of relief after seeing the burrito..heheheh...wonderful one. Hows ur job search coming along! I keep asking tis to u and siri ( hope I dont get thrashed one day!)Anyways enjoy spring and family :)

Thanks for sending me this for the event.

easycrafts said...

Mouth watering dish

Raaga said...

this looks so tempting... and I am hungry... bad combo!!

Nanditha Prabhu said...

a perfect meal!...enjoy your week with your in laws..

AnuZi said...

Uma, Asha,
Thanks guys!!

The job search is on the back burner during family time but I shall be back on the ball now :o( Hope yours is going well too :o)

hehe nah girly I love picking songs that match the food and mood :o)

Easycrafts, Raaga, NP,
Thanks ladies for your awesome comments :o)

Sia said...

r u still enjoying ur days with in-laws girl? :)

Vani said...

Burrito looks yum, Anuzi! Had a good time with the in-laws?

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