“That’s the way love goes. Like a moth to a flame burned by the fire…”

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My love is blind
Can't you see my desire
That's the way love goes
I'm gonna take you places
You've never been before and
You'll be so happy that you came
That's the way love goes
That's the way love goes

This week is for the lovers….yep its Valentines day and there are flowers and red hearts everywhere :o) Unfortunately I will not be with Bhatji until the weekend...but I know he has a very romantic valentines day/weekend planned for us :o) I’m so excited!! He was able to make a short trip down to DC this weekend, so we got in lots of quality family time. We played cards, made plans for the future, Mzswats, Bhatji and I also managed to do a chill night out in DC with friends. All in all a good weekend I must say.
Creative Pooja is hosting a valentine’s day foodie event and I had to come up with a romantic meal/dessert idea as an entry. I was scratching my head for a while but finally came up with the perfect concept for my entry. Usually I would go all out and make a 3-4 course meal but this year I decided to tickle our sweet tooth. Baking isn’t really something I’m good at….I know I know…I need to start venturing into more baking so I can be a versatile cook. But past experience of burnt cookies and flat cakes have left a bit jaded and unmotivated. I need to get over myself and just do it! One of these days, I’m sure to get around to it. This weekend my family was going to be hanging out at home and it was going to be ridiculously cold. So I thought what would be a fun way of getting the whole family together and enjoying a warm dessert together. So my recipe idea for a valentines day with your loved one or your family night in is…..Hot Fondue! Just the thought of hot dark chocolate along with the sweetness of yummy fruits and cake got me drooling. I didn’t have a fondue pot at my parent’s home but I knew a saucepan would do the trick. I couldn’t wait to get home and start on the dessert. So on my way home from work on Friday, I made a quick stop at the grocery store and picked up all the ingredients and after dinner got started on a delectable Chocolate fondue with cake and fruits recipe.
This is also my entry for Pooja’s theme of the week – Valentines day entry

Source: Food and wine magazine Dec 2007
8 oz. of semi sweet chocolate or bitter sweet chocolate
½ cup of heavy cream
2 tsp vanilla extract
15/20 strawberries rinsed (optional)
2 bananas cut in 1 inch pieces (optional)
¼ piece of pound cake cut in cubes (optional. bake if you got time. I went the store bought route)

To make:
In a saucepan warm the cream on medium for about 6-7 mins. Remove the saucepan from heat and add the chocolate and stir in all is melted in a thick sauce. Add the vanilla essence and mix well. In a separate plate arrange the strawberries, bananas and the cakes. Using fondue forks or regular forks dip into the heavenly chocolate sauce and indulge!!

Bhatji isn’t really a fan of chocolate but the Shenoy family loves their chocolate. So while the non chocolate lovers can enjoy their fruits….the chocolate lovers can go all out :o) It’s a super easy recipe that gets you and your loved one to huddle over a hot pot of chocolate…and that my friends, can make any night a valentines night ;o) Happy fondue making!!


Happy cook said...

Oh torture torture i am in a diet and seeing the chocolate i want to dip the fruit and the cake into it

Pooja said...

thats a very tempting entry Anuzi.
lovely looking , and easy to preapre too . Perhaps thats the way love goes for me too :)) .
thanks for sharing and participating this.

Mansi Desai said...

hey Anuzi! wish you a fabulous Valentine's Day too girl!:)

Siri said...

Dear Anu, the very mention of choclate fondue is soo droolworthy.. man, wish I was with u ppl to enjoi the dessert hehehe..:D

I always admire ur poems they are so sweet..:D

Happy B'day Anu.. and a Happy (errr.. romantic ) weekend ahead!


Siri said...

Sorry, its not B'day, it V'day. ( stupid keyboard!..:) )

Sig said...

Hi Anuzi... Just discovered your blog,, what a delightful read... thanks for dropping by... I'll be back to catch up on all that i missed :) Happy Valentine's day..

chai said...

i love fondue. i always OVEREAT with fondue. i, like Bhatji, don't like chocolate, so cheese fondue is my fav.

happy v-day and enjoy this weekend. :)

p.s. for some reason, your blog entries are not being captured on google reader. i dunno why the feed isn't working on my comp. lemme know if it is me...i've been missing all these delish entries!

AnuZi said...

Happy Cook - Come on its valentines day. Forget diets and indulge ;o) Thanks much for stopping by

Pooja - aww you are too kind dear. I'm glad that you like the recipe and I hope and your hubby have a wonderful v day! Muaaaah <-kisses for hosting awesome events ;o)

Mansi D - Aww u too darling; thank you for stopping by :o)

Siri - If you were with us you would surrounded by loud sugar high shenoys playing a rowdy game of cards. You'd probably fit right in hehe. Happy V day to you too dear. Dont be too hard on your keyboard hehe.

Chai - I'm not sure if its just you. I will ask others to see if they are having a similar problem. I love cheese fondue as well...I have an excellent recipe for a cheese fondue that I will post soon. I hope you and T have a fun valentines day as well :o)

AnuZi said...

Sig - OMG...I almost missed you dear! how thoughtful of you to drop by and I do hope you keep coming back. Theres nothing better than fellow foodie bloggers taking the time out to encourage kitchen time. Happy V day again sweetie :o)

Sagari said...

love your blog anuzi

AnuZi said...

awww...blush Thanks Sagari for stopping by :o)

Mishmash ! said...

fondue parties are so fun with all that choco and cheese....i would say cruel temptations :) Hope u had a great V-Day . Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

AnuZi said...

I haven't hosted a fondue party yet but I've always wanted to...will probably plan one out soon. I hope u had a good V day as well and its sweet of you to drop by dear. Hope to see you often :o)

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