“Love's a shoulder to lean on; love is you….”

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's your definition of it?
How does it make you feel?
Tell me what you say that truly makes it real
Kings and Queens, Philosophers have tried so hard to find
Tell me what it means to you dear, never mind
Love is kind when the world is cold
Love stays strong when the fight gets old

What a splendid weekend! I wish I could do it all over again. Here is recap of Bhatji’s most romantic v-day weekend plans! He told me that he had it all planned 2 months ago since everything in NYC gets booked pretty quickly. On Saturday we had reservations at a pre-theater restaurant called The District. I had never been to a pre theater restaurant so it was exciting to try out my first one with Bhatji. Both of us have lately been trying out different wines so he decided that we should do the wine pairing with each course. And the food was amazing!! I mean we eat out quite a bit but this place is definitely is up there in terms of the food quality and ambience. The wine pairing was picked for each entrée so we got to try 5 different types of wine. MMMM man I will be having dreams about this dinner hehe. After the yummy meal we headed over to watch the new Broadway musical Curtains (I had been hinting about wanting to see it for a while) it was pretty good.

There was humor, drama and tons of dancing. The best part was seeing David Hyde Pierce on stage. I have always been a big fan of the series Frasier. Partially because I was raised on Britcoms and even though Frasier isn’t really one….the humor is very similar to British wit. So to see “Niles” again on stage…was a thrill! We both enjoyed it very much. On Sunday, Bhatji took me to see the new Hindi movie: Jodhaa Akbar.

I have been a huge fan of Ashutosh Gowrikar’s after his master piece - Lagaan. I knew I was in for a feast for the eyes…since Gowrikar’s known for his cinematography. And with the addition of A.R Rahman’s musical score…how could it not be a feast for the ears? Aishwarya Rai looked good and acted well…but Hrithik stole the show! He was a very believable Mughal emperor, Akbar...and it also helped that he is gorgeous ;o) I gotta admit that before this movie, Hrithik didn’t really do it for me; I mean he is a good actor but his movie choices are a hit or miss. But in this movie, he is a hit! The outfits and jewelries in the movie were absolutely stunning! The scenes with the war and fighting made Bhatji happy. For me the romance and storyline were points of interest. The plot flowed well and the cinematography was truly breathtaking. I wish I could take a trip to Rajasthan!! The movie is a bit long just like Lagaan…but I think Gowrikar is a great story teller…weaving in the history of the Mughal empire in India and details of the Rajput rule in Rajasthan. He has shown the correlation between religion, politics and power. All in all an entertaining film filled with grandeur, romance and history. If you get the chance to see the movie…definitely see it and let me know what you thought of the movie :o)
Will be back soon with recipes to share with you…until then stay warm.


Sig said...

Wow, that sounds like a perfect romantic weekend Anuzi, the restaurant sounds fab! I love Frazier too, and Niles was my favorite character...

Sia said...

glad to know u had lovely weekend anu. we too watched jodhaa akbar. hrithik stole the whole show as uaual(i am his big fan;) and he was an eye candy;) what with streaching his 6 packs and all.. he he he...

Pooja said...

A romantic week end you had ,Anuzi. :) .
Hrithik no doubt must be show stealer- he is just like that ;), didnt you liked him in Dhoom-2 , too ? i liked him a lot i nthat movie, just as he was the only one to drive passion in that movie , even after having many other big star casts in that.
well, nice that you shared this, i was planning it this weekend, lets see if i could make it .

AnuZi said...

It was very romantic. You like Niles too!! You know I've recently discovered that Frasier humor is acquired taste :o) and boy do you and I have lots of taste ;o) HEHE

I must agree...I am officially a Hrithik fan ;o) He is absolute eye candy!! tee hee. Glad you enjoyed the film

Come to think of it...I did like him Dhoom 2 but I didnt care too much for the long drawn story line. OOOO if you do go this weekend definitely let me know what you think ;o)

Sig said...

I totally agree, Frazier humour is acquired taste... I know a ton of people who just don't get it, they hate the grumpy middle aged doc... :)
oh, and we got taste girl, lots of it... :D

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