“All hot gals put your hands up and say, Om Shanti Om”

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dilbar hai dilkash hai dildaar nazare hain
Aaj zameen per utre kitne sitare hai
Atlo hosh na mi danam, hum hai dil hai aur janam
Bas deewangi deewangi deewangi hai
Na koi rahe sam rahe per, yeh ilzaam lage kisper
Bas deewangi deewangi deewangi hai

Ahh yes the FOB in me is bursting and all out! I’ve been meaning to write my review for the new Hindi movie Om Shanti Om for a while now. Last month on one of my many long weekends in NJ with Bhatji, I was able to convince him to check out this new Hindi movie that was all the rave. I wanted to see and support the hot new actress, Deepika Padukone, who just happens to be KONKANI!! Bhatji was a lil apprehensive at first…Hindi movies aren’t really his thing although he grew up watching a few classic Hindi films…but after much coaxing and promises to make his favorite dishes, he agreed. One of the good things about our move to NJ is that if we ever crave anything Indian…anything…including Hindi movies, it’s all a hop, skip and 3 exits away. So no excuses, we were going to the matinee show on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The movie itself was entertaining…definitely not the best movie I have seen but not bad for mindless amusement. The dances sequences were interesting representing choreography from English and Hindi movies circa 1960's. Shah Rukh Khan….well he sucked! True he built up this macho body for some top less scenes but he couldn’t hide his age and actually looked ridiculous playing opposite someone so young as his leading lady. Deepika Padukone looked amazing portraying a 1960’s-1970’s era Hindi actress. However she looked a lil too ditsy as a current actress wanna be but still not too bad for a new actress. My favorite feature of the whole movie was definitely the costumes, hair and jewelry. They definitely captured the feel of the 60-70’s hair and outfits and Deepika carried it all beautifully. The songs were pretty good too…so all in all not a total loss of a Sunday afternoon. Bhatji was happy with his eye candy…I wish we women had more to see :o( I am just glad to see Konkani folks doing it big in Bollywood.


Chai said...

it's so random to see your friends' cousin on the screen. her parents came to our wedding, and i couldn't take my eyes off deepika's mom. she is GORGEOUS. and her dad isn't that bad long (he is hot, but it's weird to call an uncle hot, ha). yeah, there are so many konks on the screen nowadays (fine, three, which isnt THAT many, but you know).

can you tell i've been up since 4:30A?? can you? can you? ;)

Siri said...

Even I loved OSO.. nice review Anu..:)

~ Siri

AnuZi said...

Chai: I have found some good looking uncles or those who look like they were hot when younger. My parents said P. Padukone was really good lookin when he was younger so I can believe it. Girl, I wish I had the energy you did at 4.30 AM! Konkani Pride woot woot.

Siri: Thanks for the comment. Glad you like the movie :o)

Siri said...

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