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Monday, November 26, 2007

The scent of a room that reminds me of u
A hint of perfume it remind me of u
Take a look at the moon it remind me of u
Hope the stars and the gods
Align me and you

Happy post Thanksgiving! I hope that all of you had a wonderful, safe and food filled thanksgiving. I am currently reeling from a 4 day food comatose and missing a house filled with kids. Sigh. After every Chicago trip…I miss my niece and nephew like crazy. I sometimes think I hear my 3 month old niece crying or my 3 year old nephew knocking on our door around 9.00 AM asking us to play with him. Ahhh I love kids! Although I am not ready to have my own just yet, it’s good to know that I will enjoy parenthood when the time comes. But as of right now I am enjoying just being a couple.
Recently I was looking at my group of young friends and family that have moved for college and Post College for jobs. I must say that I give all of them credit for building a new life in a new place. Some have friends in the areas they end up moving to, but some actually know no one and start a new social life. I have realized that building a new social scene is very tough….especially because you don’t know venues to meet new people or are afraid of being the new face trying to break through in an already existing clique. Most of all it is hard to find one or two like minded people who you can go out with and expand from there. Bhatji and I were thinking recently that we are lucky that we have each other….we can chance going to a happy hour or to a bar and even if we don’t meet a group, we look at it as time well spent together. So far Bhatji and I have a few couple friends in the NY/NJ area that we know from each others past. But I can see the challenge in meeting new people if we moved to some random place like Ohio, Georgia etc. I think it’s hard to meet couples but it’s definitely harder for single people in new areas to meet other singles. Is internet the only way to connect with folks? Or are you doomed to the option of finding someone in college to date and marry? Or is the ever popular bar scene still a venue to meet young interesting people? When I was single…I was always out and about. Every opportunity I got to go out, I would. I would be the event planner of my group. Even if it was me and one person I would make the best of it. I would look at every outing as a possibility to grow in to a group or meet someone. I have a few good friends that are single and well….a little bitter. Past dating experiences have left them jilted and or they have given up all hope of trying to go out of their way to meet new folks. Some also feel that their friends don’t take the initiative to go out either. I have thought about setting them up with groups or some potential dates but…I myself don’t have a big single group to dip into. So here is my question to everyone who had the fortitude and energy to move to a new city, new coast or a country: How do you get out and meet new people? Where do you start…especially if you don’t know anyone in your new surroundings? Are joining new activities and clubs the way to go?


Sheets said...

As someone who's moved every 4 months from 2003-2005 and now to California... your blog has described my ritual! :) It's harder now for sure! Where it was easy was when there were fun people/peers I related to at work. I'm STILL friends with them now (and visited some this weekend). But not all work places allow for this! I found coming to california: craigslist, craigslist, craigslist! I joined a soccer team and a couple of other things and met some people who introduced me to other people etc... who are awesome (one being the USA Synchro Team Captain). It's hard. You have to pluck up and do it and go to events WITH yourself.

P.S. Thanks for the comment about Felicity. Sigh. It made me VERY warm and fuzzy!

AnuZi said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. I will be passing the ideas along to my friends. And you are right, its hard but you gotta keep trying :o)

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