“I feel like I’m drowning in the ocean, somebody come and take me away”

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Uh uh uh uh oh ooh
why’d you have to go-oh
away from home
me love

I figured that since its Diwali and all, it would be a good time to jump start my blog again. Also some of you have emailed and Imed me to check and see where I am and what I’ve been up to. First of all thank you for all those who were inquisitive enough to motivate me and tell you about my whereabouts and such.
Before I left on vacation I had told everyone how I was going to be moving to NJ with Bhatji in Oct and that I would be able to work from home. Well after we came back from vacation I was sad to hear that the project that my team was supposed to start on was given to another group. My boss basically said that there was no chance that I was going to be able to work from home. Instead he said that I might have to stay for a while in the DC area and finish off a project before I moved anywhere. After some discussion with Bhatji, we decided that I would stay back in DC with my folks….temporarily…until the end of Nov and he would move to NJ. I will be joining him in NJ in early Dec but as of right now we are doing the distance thing again! All through summer I was miserable because of the distance and I can’t believe that I am going through it all over again. The only solace is that I am not living by myself this time around. I am surrounded by family and I don’t really feel the loneliness that I felt during the summer. This also means that I have been spending tons of time with my sis and my folks until they left for India this past weekend. So it’s not all bad. However it’s Bhatji who is feeling lonely in a new city…all by himself. Every other weekend he comes down to visit and I go up weekends as well. But no matter how wonderful each weekend is….come Sunday, both of us are miserable knowing that we will be away from each other for a full week until the following weekend. I am counting days when I will complete my project here and head up north. In other news…I am working on a project in Germantown which cuts down on my commute time immensely. There is nothing like getting to and back from work in 10 mins and going against traffic each time :o)
I will be writing another entry soon containing recipes and such but for now I had promised that I would share pics from my Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand vacation; I have finally uploaded my pics from Singapore. I will post the pics one country at a time…so for now check out the pics from our Singapore vacation. Enjoy!

PS (I know the pictures are kinda small and fast so just double click on the slideshow to see the pictures in a larger format and slower speed)


Anonymous said...

Awww ANU!!! Don't worry, few more weeks and then you won't have to do this anymore. But on the downside, I'm going to be alone again =( *sigh*

archana said...

hoooray, you're back in the blogosphere! i'm sad you're doing the LD thing again, but at least you get to play with swats!

thanks for posting the singapore pics, you've totally rekindled my travel bug. eeeks : )

AnuZi said...

Arches: Def go to Singapore if you ever get a chance. Its a melting pot of different people, culture and amazing food!

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