“Summer rain whispers me to sleep and wakes me up again”

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Storming outside, rain
She keeps me home
Quiet conversation makes me warm
Summer rain
Whispers me to sleep
And wakes me up again
Sometimes I swear I hear her call my name
To wash away the pain
My summer rain

Did yall miss me :o)?? I am super busy with….well life! Bhatji and I have been taking full advantage of his time at home with no school and no work. He is soooo different. He’s more playful, fun, sweet, and just an absolute pleasure to be around. He drops me off and picks me up from work. When I get home, the house is spotless and sometimes even plans for dinner have been made. Best of all he sleeps in with me since he has nothing to worry about….no school work. Sigh…I love being married to him.
It’s been raining this whole week….its sooo gloomy but Bhatji and I spend most of our time lying on our futon. I am so glad that Bhatji and I decided to grill last week. Our apt comes with an awesome state of the art grill that we can use as residents anytime. So last week Bhatji decided to make his famous Turkey burgers. Now Bhatji can’t really cook. I mean he can do the whole microwave thing but cooking….where you need to cut veggies and pick out spices….yea that’s not really his thing. But his burgers are phenomenal!! I mean they are by far the best burgers I have ever eaten…and I am not being partial. Best of all he enjoys making them; maybe because he’s working meat and usually he uses his George foremen grill. So he was super excited to use the grill and play with fire. I don’t know what it is about men with meat and fire…but they love grilling! Anyway here is the recipe for Bhatji style burgers:
3 lbs of ground turkey
Cajun seasoning
Black pepper
Cayenne pepper
Chili powder
Mince Garlic paste
Garlic seasoning
Season all salt
Lemon Pepper
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
Worcester sauce

To make:
In a big bowl empty out the 3 lbs of ground turkey. Pat and knead the meat like you would dough. Then on the top of the meat start adding each spice until it covers the top layer of the meat. For example, spread the Cajun seasoning on the top layer of the meat until it is fully covered with the seasoning. Then add the black pepper until it fully covers the meat followed by cayenne pepper and so on and so forth. Save the Worcester sauce till he end. And go easy on the chili powder and crushed red pepper. Also feel free to add extra minced garlic paste. One you have added all the spices, mix and knead the meat so all the spices get integrated well into the meat. Then pat the meat again and start the process again. Add each spice again and then mix and knead. After the second round of spice adding, mixing and kneading…you can start making the patties. Take the meat and ball it up into any size you would like your burgers to be and then pat to make the patties. If they are a decent size you should be able to make 4-5 burgers with 3 lbs of meat.Keep in mind not to make the patties too small because when you cook them they shrink.

They were sooo good. I bought wheat buns, cut tomatoes and onions. For the condiments I had ketchup, hot mustard and Bhatji loves his A1 sauce.
Try this recipe out and tell me what you think. Of course wait till it’s a beautiful sunny day...until then enjoy the summer rain.


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