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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Je ne veux pas travailler
Je ne veux pas déjeuner
Je veux seulement l'oublier
Et puis je fume

I saw this interesting foodie blog about 5 Dishes to eat again before I die. It made me think back to all the yummy dishes I have enjoyed and would love to all over again. I will quote Arches here “Making sure my love affair with food will continue”…So here goes:

1) Frankie or Kati roll in the little Mumbai stall:
I lived in India till I was about 15 years old but was only able to enjoy my mom’s version of Frankie (which I LOVE) but it wasn’t necessarily authentic since its not really a south Indians dish. Oddly enough I had my first true Bengali style Frankie at Kati roll company in NYC. It was sooo good that I had pegged it as the most authentic Frankie I would ever consume. Fast forward 2 years and I had the opportunity to visit and stay in Mumbai (my first time actually in Mumbai) with my mother in law. On one of our various shopping trips she wanted to take me to this Frankie stall near the mall (the name is escaping me right now) I ordered a chicken tikka Frankie roll (extra spicy) and my mother in law ordered the potato and channa roll since she is vegetarian. It was the best thing I had ever tasted! The chicken was marinated perfectly and the roti was thick, buttery and packed with lots of flavor! I enjoyed it so much the rest of my trip in Mumbai, I kept harassing my MIL to take me back as many times as possible. I also realized that Frankie is almost a staple in Mumbai since you can take out and eat on the go (Mumbai lifestyle is very similar to NYC) I believe that this was the most authentic Frankie I had ever tasted and I will love to be corrected…since that’ll mean I’ll have to keep trying new Frankie places :o)

2) The “Shorisha Hilsa” authentic Bengali fish dish in mustard sauce at the “Oh Calcutta!” restaurant in Kolkata
I have heard that most Bengali fish dishes are absolutely heavenly! Luckily this past year Hubby and I were able to make a trip to Kolkata because my in laws were based there for about a year. When we got there my father in law has asked me if there was anything specific I wanted to eat while was there and I told him that when I was little I heard that “Hilsa” this Bengali fish was yummy and so I wanted to try a Hilsa preparation. He asked around for a good seafood restaurant and his secretary made reservations at “Oh Calcutta”. When we got there for dinner, since none of us were Bengali we asked our waiter to help us pick the best Hilsa dish for us. He suggested the “Shorisha Hilsa” a mustard based fish curry. True to what I had heard..it was heavenly! Being a Konkani girl who grew up on good seafood (Mangloreans and Goans are known for excellent sea food since they are sea port cities) I have very high expectations of seafood dishes and I think that Bengali seafood is definitely high on my list now.

3) Any authentic Andhra food. I haven’t actually ever been to Andhra Pradhesh even though I was born there. But the Andhra food at the restaurant “Bheema’s” in Bangalore was excellent and I would definitely like to go back there again.

4) Any good Sizzler place in India, especially restaurant “Samrat” in Mysore

5) Sushi at restaurant “Dragon Fly” in Washington dc

6) My moms masala dosa! And I am going to cheat here because this is number 6 and I can get this meal whenever I want right now but I can’t imagine going too long without these. MMM.

I am going to tag people to see different responses that way I know where to eat the next time I visit different places or try new recipes at home.

1) Arches
2) Swati
3) Malavika
4) Maya
5) Chai
6) Megs

PS (I love this old time classic sounding Pink Martini song!)


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