“I've been down and I'm wondering why these little black clouds keep walking around with me, with me”

Thursday, March 1, 2007

So maybe tomorrow
I'll find my way home
So maybe tomorrow
I'll find my way home

It has been an absolutely crazy week! My work life has taken over my personal life, in that I am constantly stressed about the goings on at work. To get right to the point I have picked up a new project because my old project had been stationary for a while. This past weekend hubby and I got into a small accident because of the snow. No one was hurt and the other party involved in the accident didn’t even stop. The damage to the car wasn’t too bad but just going through insurance and dealing with the various people to get the car fixed is very annoying. The purse stealing incident, the accident and the busy work life has left me worn out! Sigh. End of whining!
Last Friday I made one of Bhatji's fav dishes. Gobi Manchurian (Cauliflower Manchurian). If you ever lived in Indian or visited and tried this Indochinese dish…I am sure you will list it as one of favs too :o) the best thing is that this is a very simple recipe to follow.

Half of a cauliflower cut into small florets
3/4 cup flour (any flour will do; I used wheat flour because its healthier)
1 tbsp corn flour
Salt to taste
2 tbsp garlic, ginger and green chilli paste
1 cup chopped onion
1/4th tsp Sriracha or any Chinese hot sauce
3 tbsp soya Sauce
3 tbsp Ketchup
2 tbsp Oil
Water as needed

To Make:
Make a paste of the flour, corn flour and salt using water as needed. Take only a tsp. of the 2 tbsp ginger, garlic, chilli paste, add it to the flour/corn flour paste. Dip the cauliflower florets in the paste and deep fry till golden brown. Keep aside.
Heat oil in another pan and add the chopped onions and left over ginger, garlic, chilli paste to it. When the onions give off an aroma, add the hot sauce, soya sauce and ketchup to it. Add the fried cauliflower to this onion mixture and mix well. When the cauliflower florets look well blended with the onion dry gravy, take it off the heat and serve as an appetizer or as a side with fried rice.
This dish turned out fantastic! Hopefully by the next blog, I will start feeling a lil better and the entry will be more sanguine. So until then…happy eating and smile! It’s almost the weekend!


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