Fictional excerpt

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Me, myself and I:

I hate the word “my”…especially when he is referring to something that is ours. The house, families, friends, interests…all this is ours. Its our home, our kids, our friends, our family..or so I thought when we decided to exchange vows and pledge eternal love. Still this is what I hear from him for the last 5 or so years. Its almost like he has pissed around “his” belongings/people to claim territory. Conversations of “my” are beginning to drain me. “why are you calling my friends to ask that question? Do you see me calling yours to talk to them?” “My mom says she is sending something for my son’s birthday” “I paid my bills last night including the rent”. I have repeatedly told him that it bothers me when he refers to our things, friends and family as his. I have even asked him what in our life together is “mine”. He said that I take it too personally…and he doesn’t really mean any harm by it and its just a habit. So I say it makes me uncomfortable..this habit of his…and 5 years has gone by in this argument.
So today I packed my bags today and told him that I am taking a trip with my girlfriends for the weekend. I gave him a list of things that need to be done around his house and what his kids need while I was gone...maybe this whole “my” thing isn’t so bad after all!


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