“I lose all control when I see you standing there in front of me. De way you wine and, de way you dance and de way that you twist and turn your waist"

Friday, February 16, 2007

Before the end of the night
I wanna hold you so tight
You know I want you so much
And I'm so tempted to touch
Tempted to touch, tempted to touch

BRRR! I know I have ranted and raved about how cold it is out there, but Geez can I ask “IS IT SPRING YET?” It snowed this past Tuesday and early Wednesday morning the snow turned into hail and icy rain. The temperature hasn’t risen above 30 degrees since, and so there are layers and layers of thick ice everywhere. We had early release on Tuesday and a 2 hour delay on Wednesday. Needless to say walking to the metro and from the metro was extremely treacherous. I am actually shocked that I haven’t slipped and fallen on my arse…especially because I am extremely accident prone (for the sake of saving me from embarrassment I refuse to share stories) I realized how Washington DC doesn’t know how to deal with snow and ice. I mean it has been 2 days since the icy chaos and the roads are barely clean and street parking is non existent. It’s almost sad that I am praying for this..but I just want the weather to be above freezing at this point. Anyway, enough of this livid whining regarding the weather… on to my V-day story.
So as I had mentioned in my earlier posts, Bhatji and I had plans to have an early dinner at Della Notte in little Italy of Baltimore and then off to “Wicked” the musical playing at the Hippodrome. I managed to make it into work by 11.00 (due to the 2 hour delay opening) and the walk to the metro and to work made me really nervous. The roads were barely paved and the ice was really thick. I was worried that the drive to Baltimore was going to be very slow and dangerous. I was also nervous that the theater might close and the show wouldn’t take place. But as the day progressed the temperature did increased and the snow plows managed to clean up a little more. To be on the safe side, Bhatiji and I decided to leave an hour and half early so we could be sure to make it on time for our reservations. Amazingly enough, there was no traffic on the road since many people didn’t leave their homes to make it into work, and the weather Gods were kind to keep clam. We got to Della Notte a full 20 minutes early and I think because of that we got a great booth by the window. The minute we sat down and ordered our wine, it started to snow a little and we were happy that we weren’t caught in any bad weather. The food was exquisite and the service was very good! I absolutely recommend Della Notte to people who plan on visiting Baltimore for authentic Italian food and beautiful setting. And the best part was that It wasn’t ridiculously expensive. All in all, Bhatji and I were very happy. After dinner we drove to the hippodrome theater which was about 5 minutes from the restaurant and made it to the show on time. Now I can honestly say I know what the hype was about this show. “Wicked” had a great story line and it was fast moving. Even though Bhatji isn’t the biggest fan of musicals (so he says hehe) he actually said he found very entertaining. I only wish our seats were better, since I had to shell out quite a bit. But I guess I should be happy that we were able to see it. By the way the hall was packed. I mean there wasn’t a single seat empty! All in all our first V-day as a married couple ended up being fantastic and I know we will have many, many more to come :o)


Swati said...

OMG I HATE YOUUUUUUUUU. Haha I've been ranting about seeing Wicked for 4 years. Stupid New York with its tourist ridden theaters that leave no tickets for us po' people =( Anyway glad it lived up to the hype =) Sounds like you had a cute valentines day!

btw did Amit see the card I sent you? was he offended? lol

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